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Rising Spirit

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Our creation arrives ready and blooming. In addition, you will receive our free "Grow & Go Set" for the care of your plants. Learn more about this creation here.

    🔆⛅☁️ Loves sun, partial shade, or shade

    Mid January - late February (4-6 weeks)
  • Description

    The RISING SPIRIT is the first spring creation of the new year and thus stands for a fresh start and for hopeful and beautiful resolutions. Because the turn of the year is only a blink of an eye, and the untouched year 2023 is not even a few weeks old. But right now it's time for fresh and bright plants on your balcony.

    This creation represents a happy and exciting start to the year. The white tulip is a symbol of modesty - a positive New Year's resolution, while her sister in pink stands for awakening and tender love. Thus, the revived early bloomers of our Rising Spirit give a touch of purity. At the center is the hanging kitten willow as the main attraction of our creation. It is considered a sign of new beginnings and still looks dainty and fresh in the midst of the radiant crowd of flowers. Willows symbolize growth and fertility. There is also the wonderful primrose in various shades of pink and violet, which according to its name Primula, is one of the first plants to grow in the new year and, thanks to its cheerful and fresh appearance, fits perfectly into the new plant creation. The noble Christmas rose, which is also known as the snow rose, rounds off the Rising Spirit creation in fresh white.

  • Our recommendation

    Attention! In case of frost, we recommend placing the creation against the wall of the house and covering it with e.g. newspaper. In our shop you will also find the Rooftop with matching frost protection, which ideally protects the plants.

    That's the beauty of spring bloomers: They come back the next year! This means that after flowering, and in case you want to replant your Plant Box, you have some options: Tulips are perennials. This means that you can repot the bulbs after flowering or plant them in your garden so that they will flower again next year.
    You can also repot the catkin willow so that you can enjoy the plant for many years.
  • Data & Dimensions

    - The creation consists of 11 plants and various tulip bulbs.
    - Approx. L75 x W16 x H13 cm.
    - Planted in organic soil & wrapped in sheep's wool (organic plant fertiliser).
  • Free Grow & Go Set

    Each of our creations comes with our creazine - the magazine to your creations, a bag of Mother Earth, our fertilizer Blossom Magic, and a compostable Bye-Bye Bag for later disposal in the organic waste garbage can.
  • We love to design new creations. And that's what we've done here. Along with our team of creatives, plant experts, and growers, we put our heads together to present this creation in 2023. It already promises pure balcony joy.