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Plant Box

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  • Description

    The Plant Box product range includes three colours: Forest Green, Dark Gray, and Powder Rosé.

    The design is both simple and appealing, the shape is cleanly linear, the material is sustainable, and the technology is convincing. Our Plant Box does not have the classic water depot. Instead, we work with a drainage strip at the bottom of the box that prevents rot and prevents the plant from drowning.

    Our Plant Box is made from 100% recycled vegetable oils, which are enriched with 2% UV filters and color pigments and optimize the service life.

    The Plant Box is 100% Made in Germany and is produced near Berlin.

    In our shop you will also find a suitable bracket set for the Plant Box for mounting on your balcony railing or a rooftop to protect your plants from sun, wind, or frost.

  • Details & Data

    Dimensions: 75cm x 18.8cm x 18.8cm

    Colours: Dark Grey, Forest Green, or Powder Rosé

    Made from recycled vegetable oils.