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Green Eyed Peas

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Our creation arrives ready and blooming. In addition, you will receive our free "Grow & Go Set" for the care of your plants. Learn more about this creation here.

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  • Description

    What could be better than watching fresh vegetables grow on your own balcony and harvesting them? Vitamins, minerals, and fibre - you'll find them all in the various vegetables and herbs of the GREEN EYED PEAS creation. Snack peppers, snap peas, cucumbers, and strawberries can now be enjoyed fresh from the balcony and served as a snack or in a salad. You can refine your dishes with the flowering basil or the beautiful and colourful watercress. The vigorous growth of the plants and a play of colours from red, green, and orange distinguish this creation from any other. So that the peas, cucumbers, and peppers can grow optimally, we recommend our roof, which you can find in our shop. Bring your own little vegetable garden home with our GREEN EYED PEAS.
  • Our recommendation

    Fancy a fresh and flavourful snack? Here we have a recipe for pickled cucumbers for you.

    What you need:
    1 mason jar
    ½ kg cucumber
    ½ onion
    250 ml vinegar
    500 ml water
    1 teaspoon salt
    ½ bunch of dill
    1 teaspoon mustard seeds
    2 bay leaves

    First, you should sterilise your mason jar by letting boiling water sit in the container for 5 minutes and then emptying it out.
    Then rinse the cucumbers and remove the stalks. You can pick them up whole or sliced. Wash and chop the dill, peel and thinly slice the onion.
    Bring the water, vinegar, and salt to a boil. Meanwhile, you can fill the sterile mason jar with cucumber, spices, and onions.
    Then spread the boiling vinegar water over the pickle jars and close immediately! It is best to store the pickled cucumbers in a dark, cool, and dry place, such as the basement.
  • Data & Dimensions

    - The creation consists of 10 plants.
    - Approx. L75 x W16 x H13 cm.
    - Planted in organic soil & wrapped in sheep's wool (organic plant fertiliser).
  • Free Grow & Go Set

    Each of our creations comes with our creazine - the magazine to your creations, a bag of Mother Earth, our fertilizer Blossom Magic, and a compostable Bye-Bye Bag for later disposal in the organic waste garbage can.
  • Does this creation look familiar? It already existed in a similar form last year. We are constantly striving to optimise our creations and, in particular, to improve their longevity. For this reason, we have made a few changes to this creation, but we always do so with the aim of maintaining the look and feel. The photos here show the previous year's version.