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Gardena Solar Irrigation

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  • Description

    The GARDENA AquaBloom Water Reservoir Set is a solar-powered watering set that reliably and evenly waters up to 20 plants for you.

    With 14 pre-set watering programmes and a 10.5 l water reservoir that provides enough water for up to 12 days, the set does not require a water connection or electricity. The integrated pump and filter further maximise water use. Additional containers can also be connected to expand the capacity as well. The set is made of 80% recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice. When you're not using it for irrigation, you can use it as storage for the individual components of the set.

    The modern and intuitive design of the AquaBloom water reservoir set integrates perfectly into your modern patio and balcony environment and allows you to independently water healthy plants even when you are not at home.

  • Details & Data

    1 x 10,5 l Water Reservoir extendable with end plug
    1 x Main Unit with integrated pump and solar panel
    20 x 0,5 l/h pressure-equalizing Inline Drip Heads
    15 x 3/16 Pipe Pegs
    3 x rechargeable AA batteries
    1.2 V 2,400 mAh
    8 x 3/16 T-Pieces
    8 x 3/16 Plugs
    1 x Filter
    20 m 3/16 Tube
    Art.-No. 13301-20

    GARDENA Guarantee: 2 years