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Chill & Thrill

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Our creation arrives ready and blooming. In addition, you will receive our free "Grow & Go Set" for the care of your plants. Learn more about this creation here.

    🔆⛅ Loves sun or partial shade

  • Description

    Our CHILL & THRILL creation is a mixture of herbs, decorative plants, and a special nightshade plant.

    The focus is on the hot chili plant, which produces fiery red pods over time. It is surrounded by various herbs that should not be missing in any outdoor season.

    Rosemary, mint, oregano (only in Refill 75cm & Plant Box), and thyme make for great cocktails or lemonade on hot days. And whether it's a vegetarian or classic BBQ - everything tastes wonderfully like summer and sun with rosemary. Visually, Chill & Thrill also provides the eye with special charms - with the lush, purple sweet potato plant - whose leaves can also be eaten cooked like spinach - and a dark, blooming petunia in the middle of the creation. Note: No oregano is planted in the 60cm refill variant.

  • Our recommendation

    Have you tried a Mexican Chili Mojito?

    100ml soda water (or sparkling mineral water)
    60ml rum
    Juice of 1 lime
    1 cube of cane sugar
    2 slices of a fresh red chili
    A few fresh mint leaves
    Crushed ice
    Fresh mint sprigs and fresh chilies for garnish!
    Crush the chili slices, the mint leaves, the sugar cube, and the lime juice in a mortar. Alternatively, you can use the end of a rolling pin and a plastic bowl. Crush until the sugar has dissolved and the chili and mint give off their full aroma.
    Pour the mixture into a tall glass.
    Then pour in the rum and soda water (or mineral water). Add a spoonful of crushed ice and mix everything together with a long spoon or stir stick. Garnish with a fresh mint stick and serve ice cold. Add a few wafer-thin strips of fresh red chili to the glass for an extra kick!
  • Data & Dimensions

    - The creation consists of 10 plants.
    - Approx. L75 x W16 x H13 cm.
    - Planted in organic soil & wrapped in sheep's wool (organic plant fertilizer).
  • Free Grow & Go Set

    Each of our creations comes with our creazine - the magazine to your creations, a bag of Mother Earth, our fertilizer Blossom Magic, and a compostable Bye-Bye Bag for later disposal in the organic waste garbage can.
  • We love this timeless creation, and that's why it will remain part of our collection in 2023. The photos here always present the previous year's version. In individual cases, we may have to replace a single plant in the front of the creation due to availability or climatic conditions, but we always do so with the clear goal that it is an optimization and at the same time not visually noticeable.