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Chess & Charm

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Our creation arrives ready and blooming. In addition, you will receive our free "Grow & Go Set" for the care of your plants. Learn more about this creation here.

    ⛅☁️ Likes partial shade or shade

    Mid-April - July
  • Description

    A black and white board on which two kings and two queens, pawns, and many other pieces face each other in a game of strategy, victories, and ambushes. The time has come; the game can begin - white starts. Chess is unpredictable and exciting, even more so for those who understand it.

    The world-famous board game, its deep cultural significance, and the many associations we have with it, gave us inspiration for a new creation: Chess & Charm - A creation full of contrasts, with extraordinary plants that will amaze you. It is not for nothing that the name chess is translated from Persian as the "game of kings".

    The black fields of the Chess & Charm are filled with the black petunia. It stands in the foreground and lets its velvety flowers flow down over your balcony railing. Its dark leaves are joined by those of the parrot leaf, while the black snake's beard sets itself majestically into the scene and proudly presents its graceful leaves. This section of the chess board makes us think of the black queen from the children's book Alice in Wonderland. She is described by author Lewis Carroll as cool and stately.

    In the centre of our creation we find the delicate white blossoms of the snapdragon, whose flower stems stand out high above the other plants. It is said to be reminiscent of the queen chess piece, which is considered the strongest piece in the game. The popular geranium occupies the remaining white spaces and, with its lush white flowers, provides the necessary contrast to make our Chess & Charm reminiscent of the chessboard that gives the creation its name.
  • Our recommendation

    Geraniums are very sensitive to cold, but you can easily overwinter them indoors. Use scissors to shorten all shoots to a few eyes and remove all leaves. Then carefully dig up the short leafless forks and shake off any loose soil. You can then place the shoots in a pot and cover the roots with sand and soil. Alternatively, you can place them in plastic bags with some soil, and tie them over the root base. In any case, you can now easily overwinter them at temperatures of 5 to 10°C. After the Ice Saints, the plants can be planted outside with soil in their pots. You can also keep geraniums as houseplants.
  • Data & Dimensions

    - The creation consists of 10 plants.
    - Approx. L75 x W16 x H13 cm.
    - Planted in organic soil & wrapped in sheep's wool (organic plant fertiliser).
  • Free Grow & Go Set

    Each of our creations comes with our creazine - the magazine to your creations, a bag of Mother Earth, our fertilizer Blossom Magic, and a compostable Bye-Bye Bag for later disposal in the organic waste garbage can.
  • We love to design new creations, and that's what we've done here. Along with our team of creatives, plant experts, and growers, we put our heads together to present this creation in 2023. It already promises pure balcony joy.