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Blooming Desert

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Our creation arrives ready and blooming. In addition, you will receive our free "Grow & Go Set" for the care of your plants. Learn more about this creation here.

    🔆⛅ Loves sun or partial shade

    June - August
  • Description

    Oceans of sand billow, dunes pass by, a mirage appears in the distance. Blooming Desert is a unique summer creation, unlike any of our floral ensembles to date. It is as extraordinary as the desert for which it is named, and is meant to remind us of those areas of the earth that are devoid of vegetation. No other landscape is as overwhelming while holding so many secrets as the desert.

    The yellow sand seas of the Sahara are reflected in our purslane florets. These are probably one of the first images that come to mind when you think of a desert. But deserts have a much wider range of colours to offer than just yellow or orange. The salt-covered mesas of the Colorado Plateau, with their volcanic ash, radiate in myriad shades from reds to a gray-white color spectrum. They are represented in our Blooming Dessert by the pale feather grass and yarrow. The pale pink of Wadi Rum, the largest valley in Jordan, made of sandstone and granite and which has been included as a Unesco World Heritage Site, is reflected in the creation by the feather carnation and noonday flower.

    The play of colours of Blooming Desert is as diverse and vast as the desert itself, which dominates about one-fifth of the total land area of the Earth. It is reverently described in many novels, stories, and even entire cultures, so it was time to design a creation based on its versatile face - our Blooming Desert.

  • Our recommendation

    If you want to fill your Plant Box with a new creation after the summer, you can continue to use the Blooming Desert plants. The feather grass can be repotted and placed in a frost-free area in winter. On the balcony, the pot should always be covered with a fleece. For the yarrow, the same applies. However, the plant should be cut back to 5 cm before winter. Unfortunately, the purslane florets are not winter-hardy. If they still bloom, you can repot them and use them as a houseplant or in a hanging basket.
  • Data & Dimensions

    - The creation consists of 11 plants.
    - Approx. L75 x W16 x H13 cm.
    - Planted in organic soil & wrapped in sheep's wool (organic plant fertiliser).
  • Free Grow & Go Set

    Each of our creations comes with our creazine - the magazine to your creations, a bag of Mother Earth, our fertilizer Blossom Magic, and a compostable Bye-Bye Bag for later disposal in the organic waste garbage can.
  • We love to design new creations, and that's what we've done here. Along with our team of creatives, plant experts, and growers, we put our heads together to present this creation in 2023. It already promises pure balcony joy.