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Bee Sunny

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  • Description

    Starting with the Classic Easter creation, the year begins with ivy and beautiful early bloomers and bulbous plants. By the end of April the first bees can look forward to a flower paradise - our Flower Power. This power is particularly evident in the many strong colours that are definitely an eye-catcher. And if the bees are already there, we don't want to let them go again. In mid-June they can have fun at the Bee Bee in a flower meadow of snapdragons, petunias, and wood sage. It will then be replaced by our new fall creation - Red Ruby. The wild and eccentric composition of dahlias, purple coneflowers, and the cigar plant create a wonderful and bright sight. When all the leaves are falling and the sun is showing itself less and less, the Pink Berry must not be missing. With strong, pink berries between spruces and pine cones, it gives the last splash of colour to the cloudy season.

    Our free care package for you: each of our creations comes with our creazine - the magazine for your creations, a bag of Mother Earth, our fertilizer Flower Magic and a compostable Bye-Bye Bag for later disposal in the bio bin.

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    The membership has a minimum term of 12 months and can then be canceled monthly with just a few clicks in your personal login area. For special cancellation rights, please visit our Terms and Conditions. The notice period is 2 weeks. The membership fee is collected monthly.

  • We are constantly striving to optimize our creations. For this reason, we reserve the right to exchange individual plants, so there may be slight deviations compared to the previous year. Look & Feel are retained at all times. The photos here present the previous year's version.