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The Beach Life

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Exclusively in Berlin!

With our 360° balcony concept, "The Beach Life", we give your entire balcony a dune landscape in a colour composition of soft green, violet, and pink tones - without any own effort, dirt, or worry.

Included in the package:

  • 5 high-quality Bergs Potts in different sizes
  • 5 large plants including underplanting
  • 2 Plant Boxes including creations

All the details on the size of the pots, types of plants and creations are below.


  • Location

    🔆 Only loves sun

  • Blossoming time

    May to July/August

  • Description

    Life is better at the beach. A dune landscape in a colour composition of soft green, violet, and pink tones awaits you in our 360° balcony concept, "The Beach Life". It's a feeling that you can otherwise only get on the seacoasts of Europe. Various grasses such as pampas grass, diamond grass, and Chinese reed create a wild landscape. With their soft and pompous flower spikes, they are a real eye-catcher, and it is hard to imagine summer without them. The pink oleander, the delicate white gaura, violet verbena, and pink bougainvillea give the entire space a tropical-Mediterranean look with their bold colours and unusual shapes.
    Your balcony railing will receive two Plant Boxes with our popular summer creation - Summer Breeze. An airy, colour-coordinated and harmonious creation of grasses, craspedia, and dark red scabious. In the midst of the creation, the purple sage stands out, enveloping you with its scent and giving food to the bees.
    With "The Beach Life" on your balcony, wanderlust will disappear all by itself.

    Attention: The oleander belongs to the dogbane family and is therefore poisonous in all parts of the plant - please always wear gloves when cutting.

  • Pots & Plant Boxes

    The plants all get a place in our high-quality and handsome Bergs Potts, which enrich the collection with their unusual design:

    - Piccolina ([Ø/H]: 40 cm, Galestro clay)
    - Galestro ( [Ø/H]: 40 cm , Galestro clay)
    - Castle Pot Copenhagen ([Ø]: 35 cm, terracotta)
    - Castle Pot Copenhagen ([Ø]: 25 cm, terracotta, green glaze)
    - The Hoff Collection ([Ø]: 30 cm, terracotta, Coasters with pink glaze)

    The Bergs Potts not only impress with their high-quality materials; they are also carefully created and glazed by hand.

    The two Plant Boxes are delivered in dark gray as standard. Upon request, you may choose a different colour. Please write us a message about this.