Stay clean & keep it green

The great balcony misery!

Until now, it was thought that magnificent flowering balcony planting was only possible with a lot (a lot!) of time, effort, and years of expertise.

It began with the drive to the overcrowded garden center, where you wandered around in long aisles and finally overwhelmed, you haphazardly filled the shopping trolley with offshoots that would later not go together. Shaken by helplessness, some balcony gardeners decided in the end on the good old geranium.

Now it was also a matter of choosing the right soil in the right amount and, in the worst case, balcony boxes of humble appearance and quality had to be purchased.

All the ingredients have now been loaded, transported, and with a great deal of effort, heaved into our own four walls. Then, after a huge, dirty undertaking, the boxes were filled with soil and then the plants were squeezed into them.

But the worst thing: After all the effort, the result was often lacking. The plants remained sparse and our gaze continued to travel to the neighbor's blossom paradise.


With our Plant Box and the finished creations, all this is a thing of the past!

Stay Clean & Keep It Green

The Plant Box now offers everyone the opportunity to admire their flower box on their own balcony, developed to their own taste, and to enjoy a new feeling on the balcony, without any mess or effort.

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