• 1.

    Decide on a planting plot of your choice.

  • 2.

    Choose the colour of your free Plant Box.

  • 3.

    Receive 5 plant creations per year and enjoy exclusive benefits.

  • Monthly cost

39 €

The membership has a minimum term of 12 months and can then be canceled monthly with just a few clicks in your personal log-in area. For special cancellation rights, please visit our Terms and Conditions. The notice period is two weeks. The membership fee is collected monthly. Within DE, NL and BE the club is free of shipping costs. In other EU countries there is a monthly charge of 3.90 €.


A wonderful supply of year-round plant happiness

As a member of the Plant Lover Club, your balcony will become a permanent feast for the eyes, because you will receive a new creation 5 times a year. Based on your taste and the lighting conditions on your balcony, choose one of our Plant Plots. We'll celebrate the start of your membership with a Plant Box in the colour of your choice. But that's not all…

  • 1. Balcony happiness for indoors

    Our surprise gift for you.

  • 2. Free Plant Box

    Get a Plant Box for free as a club member.

  • 3. Exclusive planting plots

    Reserved for Plant Lover Club only.

  • 4. Monthly plant mail

    Receive information and care tips for your creations via e-mail.

  • 5. Exclusive Offers

    Receive new discount benefits monthly on our product range.

  • 6. Advantages of Pflanzen-Kölle

    Shop once a quarter with a 15% discount in the online shop.*

  • 7. No shipping costs

    All deliveries are climate-neutral and free of shipping costs.

  • 8. Adjust shipping

    Choose a flexible shipping time that suits you.

  • *We will send you the discount codes and the detailed conditions by email after you have completed your membership in the Plant Lover Club. Valid from 1/1/2023.

Which planting plot do you like best?