Exclusive offers for our Plant Lovers!

Exclusively for our Plant Lovers, we have teamed up with Pflanzen-Kölle to make your balconies even more beautiful. As a Plant Lover you will now receive a 15% discount on the following selected categories.

And even better - our team has put together a few recommendations that we particularly like to go with our imaginative plant creations.

  • Let it hang

    “Is there anything nicer than relaxing in a hammock on your own, wonderfully fragrant and humming balcony between all the colorful plants? In my opinion, hardly! I don't need many things to be happy, but a hammock is definitely one of them."

    – Alice
  • King-size hammock “Bossanova”

  • Design Relax cat hammock

  • La Siesta Comfort hanging chair "Habana"

  • Handwoven Hanging chair Rhodes

  • Sit down and enjoy the view

    “My family and I really enjoy spending our free time together outdoors in wild, lush nature. As a business woman and mother, the little moments are incredibly valuable - even if it's a short get-together outside on our green terrace! Whether small or large groups, we sit together and enjoy the time in the urban balcony jungle.”

    - Anne

  • Set the table

    “As an enthusiastic cook, nothing is more important to me than creating a place on my balcony where I can literally serve up  freshly-made recipes for my loved ones. I love to eat, drink, and laugh outdoors with a large group of friends. I think that's why I like the eldest brother from the Grimm fairy tale of the same name the most."

    - Lena

  • Let the sun shine

    “We all know how incredibly important the sun is, not only for us humans, but above all for our green earth-mates, the plants. On May 3rd there is even a Day of the Sun in its honour. Since I love the sun myself, but at the same time like to hide under the parasol on my own balcony, here is my selection.”

    - Peer

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