Come what wool!

Have you ever used sheep's wool to fertilize your plants?

Sheep's clothing becomes a planting tube and nutrient depot for your plants. The fact that we cover our plant bulbs and roots with sheep's wool sounds strange at first, but makes a lot of sense:

- It ensures cleanliness: You can maneuver your creations into the Plant Box completely free of soil and mess.

- It nourishes your plants: sheep's wool is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulphur. This makes it the perfect long-term fertilizer for your plants. It is biodegradable, permeable to water, and regulates moisture.

Tip: So that the plant bulb can be optimally soaked when watering, you should open the sheep's wool layer on top with a pair of strong scissors immediately after placing it into the Plant Box.

When sewing our plant tubes from sheep's wool, we cooperate with Jaliba - the association for intercultural encounters eV. In this way we support emigrants from Africa in building a life in Germany.

  • Have you ever looked for a suitable balcony box?

    What we saw out there in the garden centers and hardware stores of this world could not convince us - neither in terms of visual design, nor in terms of the sustainability of the materials used; it can become really dangerous with poorly fitting or too thin brackets. And not least of all, conventional balcony boxes are veritable waterlogging systems with guaranteed rot.

  • Smart, modest & integrated

    Smart - a drainage strip is built into the bottom of the Plant Box, which saves your plants from drowning and effectively prevents the formation of rot.

    Modest â€“ the no-frills design with clean lines dispenses with bells and whistles and stuffy ornamentation in favor of timeless elegance.

    Integrated – the shapely brackets for the Plant Box fit perfectly and ensure secure suspension. Plant sacks and box size are precisely matched to each other.

    100% recycled vegetable oils enriched with 2% UV filters & color pigments for longevity.



  • That's the way it should be!

    We bring colour and nature into the city. We want to give people joy and make life more colourful. We would like more habitat for birds and insects. We combine all of this with style, inspiration, and ease.

  • This is how it works!

    The Plant Box paves the way to a balcony that blooms all year round - effortlessly, quickly, and repeatedly. Our pre-arranged creations turn bare spaces into colourful blooming jewels in no time at all. This is how we transform stressed city people and anti-gardeners into proud balcony fans. It has never been easier to have a flower paradise in the box.
    We act in a resource-saving and sustainable manner, from the plants to the self-developed Plant Box made from recycled vegetable oils.

Soil & Fertilizer

Our Mother Earth consists of organic soil, which we enrich with nutrient-rich black soil. We do not use peat at all, because bogs are among the best climate protectors on the planet as they can store enormous amounts of CO2.

The earth ball in which we place our plants is covered with sheep's wool. This not only prevents dirt from spreading, but also ensures natural and long-term fertilization.

Our Flower Magic is the third force in the Plant Box universe. It is obtained as a fermented product from microorganisms. This creates a kind of superfood for your plants, which naturally strengthens their roots and provides them with long-term energy.


On the shipping carton and on the bag of Mother Earth, we have written down everything you need to get your creation off to a great start.

Sourcing & Production

We started with our flowery plant workshop in the heart of Berlin.
But if you want to grow and thrive, you have to create the optimal conditions.
That's why we have moved our production to the gates of Amsterdam, because it is not without reason that the Netherlands is known worldwide for its plant diversity and great know-how in this industry.

At our new location, we receive the plants incredibly fresh, and for the most part very locally, directly from the nurseries, because both the Dutch area around Limburg and the German side around the Lower Rhine are only a stone's throw away.

In addition to the aforementioned increase in plant quality, the change in location also enables The Plant Box to extremely reduce travel distances, save CO₂ and thus make the product as a whole even more sustainable and fresher for the customer.