Colourful winter plants for your balcony

Blossoms and colours on the balcony are only available in spring and summer? We'll prove you wrong and show you which winter plants and flowers will help you to ensure blooms in your balcony box even on the coldest days. You will also find out how the finished winter plantings from The Plant Box can easily do the work for you.


Flowers, grasses & co.: Winter plants for your balcony

Anyone who walks through the city with open eyes and takes a look at the different balcony and flower boxes will quickly notice that a very uniform style of planting is spreading right on time at the beginning of the cold season: the "classics" are fir branches, which are complemented with a few pine cones and additional decoration. What is often forgotten: The cold in winter does not automatically mean that flowers and colours no longer stand a chance on the balcony. Instead of dead fir branches, there are many options to create a livelier and more colourful look. The following plants, flowers, and grasses will help you:


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Blooming winter plants & flowers for outdoors

Luckily, it is just a widespread myth that there can be no flowers on the balcony in winter. In fact, you have a relatively wide selection of blooming winter flowers here, which is constantly growing. Growing balcony plants for winter receives a lot of attention and means that you could now put together an entire balcony box just from the different colours of the Christmas rose. But since variety also plays an important role for beautiful winter planting, there are fortunately other winter-hardy or winter-blooming balcony flowers that still feel good even at lower temperatures and frost.


10 blooming winter flowers for your balcony box:

  • Christmas rose
  • winter heather
  • pansies
  • Horned Violet
  • Star Hyacinth (snow shine)
  • European Spindle
  • winter jasmine
  • brush heather
  • Hardy Erika
  • sedum

Winter balcony plants with foliage factor

A simple alternative or supplement to the blooming winter flowers are of course the plants that do not even need flowers to provide visual highlights on the balcony. This works most easily when the leaves declare war on the dark winter with eye-catching colours or patterns (e.g. variegation). Of course, winter-hardy balcony plants that do not shed their leaves are particularly suitable for this.

5 winter plants as leaf decoration highlights:

  • Purplebells
  • spurgeon
  • Japanese spindle tree
  • ivy
  • crawling bugle
The silver wire plant is one of the "special cases" of leaf ornamental plants for the winter. It is not winter-hardy, per se, and does not survive frost, but at the same time it retains its colour and shape and is therefore very popular for winter balcony boxes.

Evergreen ornamental grasses as a winter addition

Grasses are something like the absolute "all-rounders" among balcony plants and are therefore hardly noticeable even in the cold and frost. A balcony box made only of grass can seem a bit monotonous in the long run, but as a supplement they are perfectly suitable for the winter - and also all other seasons. Mainly because many of them are prone to interesting colour changes at lower temperatures.

5 hardy grasses for the balcony box:

  • Sedges (e.g. Japanese sedge)
  • Fescue (e.g. bear fescue)
  • Feather grass (e.g. angel hair)
  • Winter horsetail
  • Forest marble

Berries as a Christmas colour highlight

For many hobby gardeners, of course, a little Christmas spirit also plays a role in balcony design in winter. So that it doesn't (only) have to be the typical fir branches and cones, winter plants with red and white berries are a good idea. Insensitive to cold are, among others, the cloudberry, the red carpetberry, and the Japanese blossom skimmia.


Winter planting on the balcony - what do I have to pay attention to?

An advantage that comes with most winter-hardy plants in your balcony box: Since they can cope well with cold, they are generally comparatively robust and easy to care for. However, we want to give you the following tips:

Watering winter plants: Watering plants and flowers properly in winter usually takes some learning time. At low temperatures and little sun, there is a tendency to water too little, which means that the winter planting dries out quickly. Of course, the plants also need enough water in winter - dried soil is still an indication that it can be watered again. Just as little as winter plants tolerate waterlogging: A drainage hole - or a drainage strip like with our Plant Box - at the bottom of your balcony box is mandatory.

Frost protection: Unfortunately, the winter-hardiness of many plants also has its limits, which is why it can be a good step to provide a little extra protection. It can help, for example, to lay an additional layer of insulation (e.g. thick fleece) between the balcony box or flower box and the balcony, and to take the boxes out of the cold draft on particularly bad-weather days. During a particularly harsh winter, it can also help to cover the boxes with bubble wrap and fleece, for example, to give the roots additional protection from frost.

Pre- planning: If you already have a bit more experience with balcony plants, you can also use the winter project directly to prepare for spring. It is a good idea to plant bulbs from early bloomers, so that you can look forward to snowdrops or crocuses in the spring months, for example.

The Plant Box: Ready winter plants for your balcony

Even if there are many different balcony plants and flowers that survive the winter well - it is often not that easy to create a coherent overall picture for the balcony box. At this point, we want to help you and do the work for you. At The Plant Box, you will find a large selection of creative, ready-made balcony plantings for the winter online. The arrangements have been put together by us personally and are therefore perfectly tailored to the winter conditions on the balcony. You can easily order your finished planting online in our shop and place it in your balcony box in just a few simple steps. In this way, you immediately ensure a beautiful, wintry look on your balcony - without any dirt or effort.

Your advantages with winter balcony plants from The Plant Box:

  • wild, natural, and ready-arranged winter planting for your balcony
  • whether colourful or Christmassy - wintry balcony planting for every taste
  • blooming, winter-hardy, and evergreen balcony plants from regional cultivation
  • ready-made arrangements with peat-free soil and without chemical fertilizers


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Get inspired in our shop and simply choose the winter planting that you like best. You get them either individually (refill) or in the convenient Plant Box subscription, which provides you with a fresh planting starting in spring. If you are still looking for the right balcony box, we recommend our own Plant Box . It is made regionally in Germany from 100% recycled vegetable oils and combines a simple, modern design with convincing technology (e.g. drainage strips).


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