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Non-toxic balcony plants - how protect pets, babies, and children

A planted balcony is a great way to experience a piece of nature, especially for children and some pets in the city. So that you don't have to worry about their health, you should pay particular attention to setting up non-toxic balcony plants when setting up your balcony. The Plant Box shows you which plants you can plant without hesitation, which ones you should avoid, and how our refills make your choice even easier.


Poisonous balcony plants: What risks are lurking on my balcony?

Babies, toddlers, cats, and dogs love nature, and on a lushly planted balcony, you give them the opportunity to discover plants and herbs on their own. Unfortunately, curiosity sometimes prevails and a leaf or berry is nibbled on. Most of us are aware that not every plant is non-toxic and edible – but cats, dogs, rabbits, and even children often lack this knowledge. In order to counteract the risk of poisoning and its serious consequences, only non-toxic balcony plants should be placed in households with babies, children, and pets.


How do I find non-toxic balcony plants?

Before you buy your new balcony plants, you should find out in advance which species are suitable for you, because there are no general indications or signs as to whether a balcony plant is non-toxic or poisonous. When choosing balcony plants, it also depends on your individual situation; some plants, for example, are absolutely non-toxic for children but can quickly be harmful to cats and dogs. There are also differences between cats, dogs, or rabbits as to which balcony plants are poisonous and which are not.


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If you already have plants on your balcony that could be poisonous to children or pets, it is all the more important to place them out of their reach. This works particularly well with a high-hanging basket.


6 non-toxic and popular balcony plants

Would you like to redesign your balcony with non-toxic flowers and plants? We have collected 6 great options for a carefree day on the balcony:
  • Daisies: Daisies, which most people know from wildflower meadows or cottage gardens, are wonderful for a sunny balcony. They are absolutely non-toxic for children, cats, dogs, and small animals such as rabbits. The classic, summery blossom of the daisy also makes it a favorite flower for children.
  • Catnip: With the beguiling scent of this mint variety, you will make cats especially happy. The four-legged friends are magically attracted to the smell of catnip, while also detering mosquitoes and fleas. Catnip is also non-toxic for children and can easily be placed on the balcony. There, the hardy herb not only impresses with its aroma, but also with its blue-violet flowers.
  • Lavender: Lavender is one of the classic balcony herbs that blooms particularly beautifully in intense sunlight. All of its plant parts are completely non-toxic for babies and children as well as pets. The intensive, flowery lavender aroma is an interesting discovery, especially for children.
  • Fuchsia: Fuchsias with their bright purple and orange flowers are also among the balcony plants that are non-toxic to children and animals. They bloom particularly well in shady places and can be planted both in flower boxes and in hanging baskets.
  • Pansies: Although pansies belong to the violet family, unlike their relatives, they are non-toxic to cats, dogs, and humans. They come in many different colors and bloom in partial shade from spring through summer.
  • Strawberry bushes : Children especially love to pick their own strawberries on the balcony in the summer. It is all the better that all components of the strawberry plants are non-toxic to them. They also do not harm cats and other pets.

Attention: Poisonous! 3 harmful balcony plants

Caution is advised with these 3 popular balcony plants. They contain toxins and should be kept away from children and pets at all costs:
  • Ivy: Ivy is used on many balconies as a hanging green plant or climbing plant on walls. Unfortunately, the berries in particular, but also the leaves of the ivy, contain toxins that can pose a danger to children and pets.
  • Boxwood: The boxwood is usually planted on balconies as a privacy screen. However, the shrub contains a whole range of toxins that lead to paralysis and can quickly become dangerous for small children, cats, and dogs.
  • Daffodils: The popular Easter flower can quickly become dangerous to children and pets. All parts of the narcissus plant contain substances that lead to severe poisoning and damage to health if ingested.

EASY AND SAFE - non-toxic balcony planters from The Plant Box

Would you like to quickly and easily replace some of your old balcony plants with a non-toxic plant arrangement? Or do you need a little jump-start to plant your balcony with as little risk as possible? We'll help you with that. The Plant Box offers you a huge selection of pre-arranged balcony box plantings (refills), which you can conveniently have delivered to your home. We also paid attention to the needs of households with children and pets and created refills that are completely non-toxic.

Your advantages with The Plant Box

  • creatively arranged flower boxes, delivered easily and directly to your home
  • no need to repot; the refill can be used directly in the flower box
  • special flower boxes available for households with children and animals
  • seasonal balcony planting from preferentially regional cultivation
  • suitable for all levels of experience: we provide all the important information about your plants and also the right fertilizer


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The Plant Box makes redesigning your balcony easier than ever. If you want to be supplied with new balcony plants all year round, you can even order our refills as a subscription . So your balcony is always well-groomed and beautifully colourful - regardless of whether it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter.


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