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Schafwolle als perfekte β€žVerpackungβ€œ

Today we would like to tell you what our sheep's wool is all about. We are always asked how the plants are received and whether they flower, for example, and the entire "packaging" plays a very important role in this.

We have these socks sewn in Berlin in cooperation with a Berlin association that supports African refugees.
It is obvious why we chose sheep's wool for this safe packaging. We were looking for a solution that is biodegradable and can therefore be disposed of with organic waste.
It also has great properties that benefit plants:
It contains a lot of nitrogen, as well as phosphorus, potassium and sulphur, making it a high-quality long-term fertilizer for plants.
It is moisture-regulating, water-permeable and biodegradable.

It was important to us that we source the sheep's wool from places where the animals are doing well and where they are not being exploited.
We obtain the sheep's wool from sheep that graze in the Alps and are "used" there to prevent soil erosion.
Last winter we also visited a shepherd near Berlin. Our vision is, of course, to obtain sheep's wool even more locally in the future. We are currently working on that.

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