Robuste Balkonpflanzen

Robust balcony plants - these flowers withstand wind and weather

Our balcony plants are exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions throughout the year. It doesn't matter if it's raining, sunny, or windy: If the flowers on the balcony are to last for a long time, they have to be robust. We give you an overview of the plants that can withstand particularly difficult weather conditions on the balcony without any problems, and show you how your balcony planting always stays fresh with The Plant Box.


How do I recognize particularly robust balcony plants?

Balcony plants that spend one or more seasons outside experience a wide variety of weather conditions. Plants on higher floors are particularly at risk: strong winds, blazing sun, and heavy rain can ensure that sensitive flowers simply break off or burn. So that the laboriously designed balcony planting lasts longer, many balcony gardeners rely on robust plants that can withstand the next summer storm.

When choosing robust balcony plants, three factors are particularly important: First, they should not grow too high in order to offer the smallest possible surface area for strong winds to attack. Second, a compact growth form helps a plant not to buckle even in extreme weather conditions. Thirdly, a certain elasticity in the stems of the plant is also important, so that your balcony flower does not immediately say goodbye due to a small bend.


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Robust balcony plants: These varieties are particularly resilient


Geraniums, also called pelargoniums, are the classic balcony plants. They feel particularly comfortable on sunny balconies with strong light. There, if they are watered regularly, they bloom all summer long. Due to their long, flexible stems, geraniums are particularly robust and withstand even strong gusts of wind. In particularly strong storms, however, it is possible that individual offshoots can snap off.

gold coin

Gold coins are a popular plant for the balcony due to their sunny yellow color and long flowering period. They are extremely resistant to rain and wind, which is mainly due to their low stature. In order to grow particularly well, the gold coin needs a lot of sun, which is why it is best placed on a light-flooded south-facing balcony.


Bamboo is a particularly stable and decorative plant that can also be planted on the balcony. The hardy bamboo plants are widely known for their elastic structure, which can withstand even strong gusts of wind and strong storms without any problems. On the balcony, it is particularly suitable as a privacy screen; however, it should not be placed in the balcony box.

dwarf dahlias

In contrast to their larger siblings, dwarf dahlias are very robust. Due to their compact shape and low stature, a storm or strong wind can rarely harm them. However, dwarf dahlias are not hardy and should therefore only be planted in spring. They feel particularly comfortable in sunny to semi-shady locations. Make sure your dwarf dahlias get enough sun; too little light ensures that they only bloom sparingly.

blue daisy

Originally from Australia, the blue daisy flowers on the balcony from May to September. Due to its low growth height and flexible stems, it can withstand strong winds. However, the blue daisy is not hardy, which is why you should only plant it after the last frost of the year has melted - preferably in a partially shaded to sunny location.

Balcony planting with The Plant Box - simple, comfortable, and robust

For most balcony flower beginners, it is not easy to decide which flowers will withstand the conditions on their own balcony. If you are still looking for the perfect combination, The Plant Box has the solution for you: we create new flower arrangements for your balcony every season, which are optimally adapted to the weather conditions. Our refills reach you conveniently by post and only have to be placed in your balcony box, where they provide fresh flower moments every day while defying any weather.


Hardy balcony planting with The Plant Box:

  • Lovingly designed balcony plantings delivered directly to your home: without hauling, repotting, or dirt to a perfectly green balcony
  • Also suitable for beginners. We will send you lots of information material, instructions and the right fertilizer right away.
  • Not only the plants are robust: The Plant Box balcony box made of 100% recycled oils fits perfectly on any balcony railing and can withstand wind and weather without any problems.


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If you would like to see your own balcony blooming in the most beautiful colours all year round, you can easily achieve this with a Plant Lover Club membership. Five times a year we will send you a seasonal refill for your balcony box, which you can get onto your balcony in just a few minutes, and you can admire it immediately - our robust balcony box is included with your subscription for free.


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