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Perennial balcony plants - how the flowers last longer than one season

A generously planted balcony, with many different plants: That's what most people want. On the other hand, hardly anyone looks forward to repotting and sorting out faded balcony flowers in autumn. In order to avoid the annual balcony flower stress, balcony gardeners therefore rely on perennial plants. Here we show you why perennial flowers live so long, which varieties are suitable for your balcony, and how perennial balcony planting can be even more creative with The Plant Box.


What exactly are perennial balcony plants?

Perennial balcony plants are characterized by the fact that - with the right care - they can become older than two years. Gardeners distinguish between perennials that grow "herbaceous", and shrubs and trees that become woody with age. To survive the cold of winter, perennial plants retreat into their root balls. The visible part of the plant will die off and only start growing again when temperatures rise again next year.


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Caring for perennial balcony plants properly

Most perennial plants are hardy and require only a little care to be able to flower again next year. To overwinter them, they should therefore either be taken indoors or protected from frost and cold wind on the balcony. Many perennial balcony plants have to be cut back in autumn or winter so that they can develop new, healthy shoots in spring.


Perennial balcony plants for every balcony

Even if they have a lot in common, perennial balcony plants can differ enormously in the demands they place on their environment. For every balcony - regardless of whether it is sunny or shady - there are also suitable perennial plants that feel at home there.

winter heather

Even if it looks inconspicuous, the winter heather (also snow heather) is one of the most popular balcony plants. In summer, the easy-care shrub feels most comfortable in sunny to semi-shady places and only needs regular watering there. The snow heather can easily spend the winter on the balcony, where it can even withstand temperatures down to -30 ℃. However, to support it during the winter, it can be protected from frost with some fir green or jute.


Christmas rose

With good care, the perennial Christmas rose can live up to 25 years. It owes this, among other things, to its deep root system, which is why Christmas roses should always be planted in a container at least 30 cm deep on the balcony. When it's warm, they prefer a semi-shady spot where they want moderate but regular watering.

Caution: The Christmas rose is very poisonous and should therefore not be planted in households with children or pets.


Cyclamen is available both as a houseplant and as a hardy balcony flower. As a balcony plant, some varieties bloom as early as February, while other varieties develop their purple flowers in summer or autumn. Cyclamen prefer semi-shady locations. During their first years of life, it is recommended to protect cyclamen from frost on the balcony in order to bring them safely into the New Year.


Due to its Mediterranean origin, a lavender bush is particularly suitable for sunny south-facing balconies. There it spreads a summery atmosphere with its pleasant aroma and is a welcome source of food for bees. Hardy lavender varieties must be well-packed and protected from frost for the winter. Before it sprouts the following year, each lavender bush should be pruned generously so that it can continue to grow compactly and vigorously.


Climbing clematis can be planted not only in the garden, but also in a pot on the balcony. However, the right growth height is important when making your selection, because some varieties can grow up to five meters high. As a perennial balcony plant, it can also spend the winter on the balcony with good protection against the cold. In addition to a stable climbing aid, the clematis does not require much care.

The Plant Box: No effort for year-round balcony planting

Choosing, repotting, watering: Planning perennial balcony planting is not always easy, especially for beginners. If you need a little help or don't have time for an elaborate balcony planting, we can help you. The Plant Box will deliver professionally arranged balcony flowers directly to your home, where you only have to place them in the appropriate flower box.

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  • Perfectly arranged flower boxes delivered directly to your home
  • Sustainably produced: We use seasonal balcony flowers from regional cultivation
  • Suitable for every balcony: Choose from many different arrangements that suit you and your balcony
  • Perfect for this: our 100% recycled balcony box with a universal bracket that fits any railing


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Your alternative to perennial balcony planting: The balcony box subscription from The Plant Box. Every 3 months we will send you a new, seasonal refill in the post, with which your balcony will remain perfectly and freshly planted all year round.


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