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Evergreen balcony plants - tips for a balcony that never dies

Just because the flowering season of many of your balcony flowers is coming to an end, doesn't mean that you have to do without fresh greenery in front of your window. With a skillful selection and careful care, you can admire a green garden on your balcony all year round with evergreen balcony plants. Here you can find out how it works and how The Plant Box can help you.


Balcony plants: what does evergreen even mean?

In botany, evergreens are plants that keep their leaves all year round. They differ from deciduous plants in that the deciduous varieties lose all their leaves for a certain period of the year. Most evergreen plants cannot withstand temperatures below -25℃ because their leaves would freeze in the cold. As a result, there are fewer evergreen plant species in more temperate and cool climates. In this country, conifers are the most common species. In tropical regions, on the other hand, most plants are evergreen due to the lack of frost and clearly defined seasons.


Evergreen plants for your balcony

Since evergreen plants have green leaves all year round, they are also interesting for the year-round design of balconies. They are hardy and can easily with only a few precautions spend the full 12 months outdoors. In sunny temperatures and also in winter, the plants bring life to an otherwise rather barren balcony. Unfortunately, the selection of evergreen plants that can also be placed on the balcony is limited. Nevertheless, there are some options that look great in balcony boxes, tubs, or hanging.


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5 evergreen plants for the balcony

  • Bamboo is an extremely robust and easy-care plant that can be kept in pots or containers all year round. Due to its tall growth, it is also ideal as a privacy screen. It is also very easy to care for and requires no further care apart from regular watering and space to grow.
  • Cherry laurel is planted in its classic form as a hedge, but can also be placed on the balcony as a privacy screen. In the bucket, the plant has to be trimmed and watered regularly, but is otherwise very easy to care for. Attention: The laurel cherry develops black, poisonous fruits in summer, which should be kept away from children and pets at all costs.
  • Coniferous trees (conifers) such as the thread cypress, dwarf juniper, or crooked pine are the most common native evergreens. Their dwarf forms in particular are well suited as balcony plants in boxes and tubs. They can withstand even the lowest temperatures and should only be watered during the cold months if there is no frost.
  • The boxwood is a particularly popular plant for balconies and terraces because snow and ice cannot harm it. Basically, it is very easy to care for; it should only be watered and trimmed regularly to enable healthy growth. Unfortunately, box trees are very susceptible to pests such as the box flea.
  • Ivy is one of the best-known and most versatile evergreen plants: it can be hung in a bucket or placed in a window box and is a great, low-maintenance option, especially for shady balconies. A plus point: the evergreen ivy rarely needs to be watered.

With a well-planned mix of different growth forms, a complete balcony planting that is anything but monotonous can certainly be created with evergreen plants. Evergreens are also suitable for combining with flowering plants and make summer flowers shine with a colour contrast.


What should be considered when caring for evergreen balcony plants?

While most evergreen plants survive the winter just fine, there are a few things you can do to make it a little easier for them. As soon as it gets colder, you should move the plants that you want to leave on the balcony in winter to a dry, wind-protected spot so as not to expose them to too much cold and frost unnecessarily. To prevent the soil in your balcony boxes and pots from freezing through, you can carefully wrap them in fleece or jute. Smaller, more delicate plants should also be covered with jute or fir branches from above. In summer, evergreen plants usually do not tolerate direct sunlight. Therefore, place them in semi-shade and make sure to water them regularly - especially if you have a sunny balcony.


Not just evergreen - balcony planting with The Plant Box

Are you bored with only evergreens, but don't have the time for the elaborate arrangement of seasonal plants? We're here to help. With The Plant Box, your balcony will always bloom in the most beautiful colours and is perfectly adapted to every season - without the hassle of repotting and lugging around. You can get your new balcony planting from us very easily and delivered to your home already arranged. All you have to do is insert your flower box refill into the balcony box and attach it where you like it best. Your freshly planted balcony is ready!

Your advantages with The Plant Box:

  • With just a few clicks to the finished balcony planting: You choose the plant arrangement that best suits your balcony, and we will deliver it straight to your home. No more tedious thinking in the garden center necessary!
  • Not only in green: with our seasonal creations you can enjoy colourful floral moments on your balcony all year round.
  • Something new for every season: With a Plant Lover Club membership from The Plant Box, you can expect a new flower arrangement five times a year, which will be delivered directly to your home. So your balcony is in full bloom 365 days a year.


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If you are still missing a suitable flower box or a holder, we are of course by your side here as well: The flower boxes from The Plant Box are made from 100% recycled vegetable oils (Made in Germany) and the matching holders can be universally attached to any balcony. Nothing stands in the way of your perfect balcony planting.


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