Hängende Balkonbepflanzung

Hanging balcony plants - how the lush colour splendor for your balcony succeeds

A sea of ​​hanging flowers is a great wish for many balcony owners. They give new life to gray walls and cold balcony fronts, and they are a real eye-catcher, especially on small balconies. Here we show you which hanging plants can be used to do this, and how The Plant Box can help you when planting your balcony.


Why should I set up hanging balcony plants?

If you ask about the dream planting for the balcony, many want a generously blooming, green oasis. With small balconies in particular, however, there is often a lack of space to easily implement lush planting. Balcony boxes with hanging balcony plants are therefore often a nice alternative: hung on the balcony railing or designed as a hanging basket, they save space and can still grow extensively. At the same time, they add new colour to gray house facades and are a lively change on city balconies.


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What lighting conditions do hanging balcony plants need?

Hanging balcony plants come in a wide variety of shapes and colours, but not every plant is suitable for every balcony. The most important thing here are the lighting conditions that prevail on your balcony. You can use this to select exactly the hanging plants that will bloom particularly beautifully on your balcony. If the sun shines on your balcony from around 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or even longer, you have a sunny balcony. You therefore need balcony plants that can hang in the sun for a long time without drying out quickly. You should also make sure to water your plants regularly, as water is known to evaporate quickly in sunny locations. If your balcony is only illuminated by diffuse light that is blocked by a tree or other houses, it will be in partial shade. Balconies built facing the north only get a few hours of indirect sunlight per day, which is why they are also referred to as shade balconies. But even in these light conditions, hanging balcony plants can bloom. However, you should not water them too often to avoid waterlogging.


Hanging plants for every balcony

There are suitable hanging plants for every balcony and its owner. Depending on your wishes, hanging balcony plants can be particularly easy to care for, hardy, evergreen, and even bee-friendly.


5 hanging plants for sunny south-facing balconies

  • Geranium: classic or kitsch? No matter how you feel about geraniums (also called pelargoniums), they are one of the most popular hanging balcony plants for a reason. They bloom particularly richly in red and pink when they get a lot of sun and are therefore the optimal choice for sunny balconies. Geraniums should be watered generously, but without waterlogging. In general, they are very easy to care for - but unfortunately not particularly bee-friendly. For the winter, geraniums can be taken inside and hung outside again next year.
  • Petunias: Petunias are another perennial favorite for balconies and with many different breeds to choose from, there is a variety to suit every taste. Hanging petunias are a great option especially for those looking for hanging balcony plants. They grow particularly well in sunny locations that are protected from rain and require regular, sufficient watering. Petunias are annuals and not hardy, which is why they can simply be composted after they have finished flowering.
  • Fan flower: The bee-friendly fan flower originally comes from Australia and therefore feels particularly at home in sunny locations. It is relatively easy to care for and even forgives occasional dryness if you forget to water it. In order to bloom in blue and purple all summer long, it needs some fertilizer about every two weeks.
  • Magic bells: Magic bells are closely related to petunias, but much smaller. What unites them is the great variety of colours in which they are available and their preference for sunny places. Like petunias, they should be watered regularly without waterlogging. Magic bells are annuals and not hardy, which is why you should redesign your balcony box with them every year.
  • Strawberry: If you not only want to decorate your balcony with beautiful flowers, but also want to harvest sweet fruits, you should try hanging variants of the strawberry plant. They mature best in direct sun, but can also be placed in partial shade. Strawberries should be watered regularly, but not excessively, and can even be left outdoors through the winter when temperatures are mild.

3 hanging plants for shade or partial shade

  • Fuchsia: If you have a shady balcony, you don't have to do without colour. Fuchsias bloom particularly well in poorly-lit places and impress with their violet, blue, and red colouring. They are mostly planted and hung in hanging baskets, but can also be placed in balcony boxes. Their soil should be kept moist at all times, and you can place them in a bright, cool room to overwinter.
  • Begonia: Despite their preferred location in the shade, begonias require a lot of water. You should therefore water them regularly and generously, especially in summer. Hanging varieties are particularly good for hanging baskets and come in a variety of reds, yellows, and oranges. They are perennial and can easily be brought indoors for the winter, where they only need a little water and fertilizer.
  • Ivy: Ivy is one of the most undemanding, easy-care balcony plants. If you want to green up your cool, shady balcony in an uncomplicated way, hanging ivy is the best choice. It should be watered regularly and can stay outside in mild to moderate winters if you take the necessary precautions.

Hanging plants in the balcony box - you should consider this when planting

Hanging balcony plants are a great way to give your balcony a neat and even "luxurious" feel. Placing them correctly is not that difficult: Hanging balcony plants should be placed well above the ground so as not to hinder their growth. The balcony railing or a hanging device such as a hanging basket is best suited for this. Ideally, only put plants of the same species or with the same needs for water, light, and fertilizer in a box or tub. In combination with non-hanging plants, the hanging plants should be placed towards the front and sides of the box so that they can hang freely and do not overgrow the other plants.


Creative balcony planting without effort - The Plant Box is there for you

Have you noticed that selecting, arranging, and hanging up hanging balcony plants is simply taking too long? We understand that, and we want to support you in greening your balcony: With The Plant Box we save you a lot of research and time-consuming repotting - by simply sending your finished balcony box straight to your home. All you have to do is place it where you like it best and you can enjoy the splendor of the flowers immediately.


Your advantages with The Plant Box

  • large selection of different balcony box creations (refills)
  • seasonal arrangements of preferably regionally grown balcony flowers
  • an optimally coordinated mix of hanging and standing plants
  • suitable for sunny and shaded balconies
  • Delivery directly to your home: Save yourself the hauling and travel time
  • Balcony planting made easy, with lots of information and fertilizers on how to properly care for your flowers


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The Plant Box not only has different creations for different lighting conditions. Every season we develop new ideas for creative refills that you can easily take home. If you want to be supplied with our flowery creations all year round, you also have the option of simply taking out a subscription to The Plant Box - including a free balcony box.

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