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Year-round balcony plants - so the flowers remain in bloom all year round

There is hardly anything more beautiful than a balcony that blooms all year round. Unfortunately, it is often not that easy, especially for plant beginners, to keep the balcony at home fresh and green all year round. We'll show you two ways to do it very easily - and how The Plant Box supports you.


Year-round balcony planting with interchangeable boxes

You probably know it: summer is over and the elaborately arranged flowers are slowly disappearing from the balcony box. Summer flowers for the balcony usually only last for one season, even though many people want the colourful planting to last all year round. In order to keep the balcony in top shape all year round, many gardeners work with change boxes: The flower boxes on the balcony front are stocked with new, seasonal balcony flowers all year round. Planting usually begins in spring. The flowers used are replaced two to three times a year to adapt the balcony planting to the current season.


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Interchangeable boxes: the most popular flowers for permanent planting all year round

Depending on the season, the most popular flowers that can be planted in the interchangeable box include the following varieties:
  • Spring: primula, pansies, daffodils, grasses, bulbs (for fall)
  • Summer: geraniums, daisies, chrysanthemums, fuchsias, bluebells, ivy
  • Autumn & Winter: fir branches, heather, dwarf medlar

The interchangeable box model for year-round planting requires time and a green thumb; however, you will be rewarded with a colourful balcony garden that blooms year-round.


Green permanent planting with year-round balcony plants

If you don't want to be busy with the time-consuming repotting of balcony flowers two to three times a year, you can make it a little easier with an evergreen permanent planting. There are also plants for the balcony that have leaves all year round and immerse it in a fresh green. The hardy plants can be left outside in summer and winter without being damaged. Planting a balcony is therefore particularly easy with them.


Evergreen balcony plants that have leaves all year round

The evergreen plants that have green leaves all year round include the different varieties of dwarf conifers, i.e. dwarf forms of different conifers. These can be used either in balcony boxes or in buckets. But it's not just conifers that wear green leaves all year round: heather provides colour in various shades of red, violet, and green. The garden marshmallow, a type of hibiscus, is also hardy and grows best during the cold season when placed close to a house wall.

Decorative trees such as bamboo or the olive tree can also remain on the balcony during the cold season. The year-round permanent planting is much less expensive than creating interchangeable boxes. Unfortunately, you have far fewer plants – and even fewer flowers – to choose from here with which to decorate your balcony. This method is therefore particularly suitable for fans of a minimalist, green balcony garden without a lot of frills.


The Plant Box helps with year-round balcony planting

Interchangeable boxes are too much work for you, but permanent planting with year-round balcony plants is too boring for you? Don't worry; with The Plant Box you don't have to do without your creatively designed balcony planting, and you still save a lot of time and effort. We will effortlessly send you our creatively designed balcony box arrangements by post. It's very simple: you order your favorite arrangement (called a refill) from us and we'll deliver it directly to your home, fully planted. The refill only has to be placed in your balcony box at home and is immediately ready for you to admire. New, lovingly designed balcony box creations are added to our shop every season. Simply order a new refill at the change of season - or make it even easier for yourself with a subscription: four times a year we will supply you with new balcony plants and keep your small garden perfectly planted with little effort.


Year-round balcony planting with The Plant Box - these are your advantages:

  • Interchangeable boxes without effort or green thumbs: Your freshly planted flower box comes straight to your home - no repotting necessary
  • Perfect for beginners: detailed care instructions and the right fertilizer are always included
  • Seasonally adapted and sustainable: We use plants from regional cultivation and peat-free organic soil - all refills are planted in sustainable sheep's wool


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Every season, The Plant Box develops new creative flower arrangements that fit perfectly on every balcony. In doing so, we not only make sure to take into account the different needs of balcony plants, but also source our plants as seasonally and regionally as possible from sustainable cultivation. Our balcony boxes are also made from 100% recycled vegetable oils and, thanks to our universal balcony bracket, can be attached to any railing.


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