The right spring planting for your balcony

Be it impatience, a thirst for action, or just enough of the grey, dreary winter - there are plenty of reasons to want to bring colour back to the balcony early on. We will show you how you can start planting in March or April, which flowers can withstand a light frost, and what you should pay attention to when caring for them in spring. We would like to prove the opposite to all those who like to doubt their green thumbs with our pre-planted balcony boxes for spring.


Balcony plants in spring - how it works

The big problem: When asked, “When should I start planting my balcony for spring?”, the answer of many gardening professionals is often, "last October." There are good reasons for this: Many of the popular spring flowers such as tulips, primroses, or crocuses only develop in time if the bulbs were planted in the previous autumn. But even if you have already missed this point in time, there are very different ways to make your balcony bloom as early as March. We would therefore like to introduce you to a few “instant solutions” for spring planting.


To our spring creations

Early young plants as a shortcut

A simple solution to missed fall planting are pre-sprouted plants, which you can usually find in stores at the beginning of the year. They bloom from March and can therefore also be used early in the balcony box. However, it is particularly important here that you only use the plants and flowers as soon as you are largely certain that there will be no more frost in the coming nights. Since the plants come from heated greenhouses, they are not hardy and therefore very vulnerable. Alternatively, you can also go the "risk route" and plant bulbs from January to March as soon as the ground remains frost-free. In many cases they bloom just in time for the beginning of spring - but unfortunately there is no guarantee of success.


Early bloomers: blooms from March / April

The fact that the Ice Saints (May 11 - 15) have always been something of a special holiday for (hobby) gardeners also has to do with spring planting. Springtime is simply too cold for the typical summer flowers and perennials. If your own cultivation is not the focus for you, luckily there is a whole range of other plants and flowers that can be planted directly from March and thus immediately ensure a blooming splendor.


Examples of spring flowers from March / April:

Sunny / partially shaded balcony:
  • geraniums
  • pansies
  • Crown Anemones
  • petunias
  • oleander
Shaded balcony:
  • Bergenia
  • Cyclamen & Horned Violet
  • fuchsias
  • begonias
  • Busy Lizzies

Many of the early bloomers keep their flowers until June. You can actively support the whole process by supplying the flowers with nutrients (e.g. via nutrient concentrate) every two weeks, regularly cutting off faded stems, and using liquid fertilizer. If you want to be on the safe side, you can alternatively use winter-hardy plants that have no problem with frost. Hydrangeas, rhododendrons, or daffodils are good options for spring.


Herbs: Mediterranean flair already in spring

If you don't want to trust your own green thumb when it comes to flowers and lower temperatures, you might find your luck with herbs. Hardy herbs such as nutmeg sheaf, purple chives, or nettle can of course also be planted in spring, and some Mediterranean herbs feel good from the end of March, provided they get enough sun on a south- or west-facing balcony:
  • lavender
  • thyme
  • sage
  • mint
  • lemon balm

How do I care for and protect my balcony plants in spring?

When it comes to caring for spring plants, opinions are particularly divided. Some swear by bringing the plants into the heated apartment when the temperatures are low, while others insist that the plants simply have to get used to the temperatures. The middle ground is often the right solution; if you place the plants against the warm wall of the house at night, you already protect them from wind and weather. Ideally, you should also place the balcony box on Styrofoam or wood, or wrap it with fleece to protect the roots from the cold. There is also something to consider when it comes to watering: You should always keep an eye on the temperatures and only water when there is no frost. At the same time, it is especially important to avoid waterlogging, so as not to damage the roots with frozen water.


The Plant Box: creative spring planting for your balcony

The topic of spring planting usually has a lot to do with experience, patience, and believing in your own green thumb. If you are missing at least one of these things - or you are simply looking for fresh ideas for your balcony - our plant creations are the right thing for you. Our goal is simple: We want to relieve you of the (research) work and still make your balcony bloom. With The Plant Box, you don't even have to worry about which plants are actually suitable for your balcony in spring. Instead, you simply decide what you like. In our shop you will find a wide selection of different plant creations, which you can either order as a pre-planted balcony box or use in your own flower box in just a few simple steps. Whether south side, north balcony, shade, or sun doesn't matter - we have the right planting for your balcony. Our refills also give you the opportunity to choose new, fresh planting for the summer. This is what awaits you with The Plant Box:
  • creative, ready-made spring plantings for your balcony
  • bee-friendly and flowering spring plants from regional breeding
  • The Plant Box: our own balcony box made from 100% recycled vegetable oils (made near Berlin)
  • From spring to winter: year-round balcony planting with Plant Lover Club membership


To our shop

We attach great importance to sustainability and climate protection. We therefore only use peat-free soil for the plant arrangements. Instead of chemical fertilizers, we give you a fermented product made from microorganisms. Let yourself be convinced - our new spring ideas await you in our shop !


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