Erdbeeren auf dem Balkon anpflanzen

Planting strawberries on the balcony: options, varieties, and care tips

A sweet smell and juicy, red berries that shine behind the green leaves: With the right variety, you can harvest strawberries on your balcony for months. Here we will show you how to find the right place, which variety is right for your balcony, and how The Plant Box can do the work for you.


Can I grow strawberries on my balcony?

In addition to plants and herbs for the balcony, vegetables and fruit are also becoming more and more popular - strawberries are at the forefront. And with good reason: They hardly take up any space and are a healthy, sweet snack for in between meals.


So that the tasty berries of the ever-bearing varieties (e.g. Cupido, Camara, or Siskee ) can grow ideally, three factors are essential when looking for a place: the planting place should be warm, sunny, and sheltered from the wind. South-facing balconies are therefore ideally suited for strawberry cultivation. Since only minimal space is required, you can be extremely creative in where you grow your strawberries - especially on small balconies. Here is some food for thought:

  • balcony / flower box
  • plant walls
  • plant tubes
  • easels
  • hanging baskets
  • Plant trough / raised bed
  • bucket or basket

It doesn't matter what you decide in the end - what is most important is that there is sufficient light, warmth, and protection from the wind. A spot in full sun is ideal for the strawberries to ripen perfectly and develop their typical aroma. If you have a shady balcony, you still don't have to do without the sweet fruit; a shady, damp spot with slightly cooler temperatures are the best possible conditions for wild strawberries (Fragaria vesca). They can also be grown in flower pots or flower boxes.


To our creation with strawberries

The best and most popular strawberry varieties for your balcony

The conditions on your balcony will determine which strawberry varieties are best suited. The most popular include the following:


Alexandria (berry of the month, wild strawberry)

    • needs a spot with shade or partial shade
    • perennial
    • special features: Fast-growing, aromatic, and intense taste

Rügen (berry of the month)

    • needs a lot of light, warmth, and wind protection
    • perennial
    • special features: smaller than cultivated strawberries, similar to wild strawberries in size and taste

Fragaria x ananassa (also called hanging strawberries)

    • needs a lot of light, warmth, and wind protection
    • ever-bearing variety
    • special feature: dark red and large fruits also at the offshoots


    • needs a lot of light, warmth, and wind protection
    • ever-bearing variety
    • special feature: pink-red flowers up to 5 cm, also at the offshoots

Siskeep, Cupid, Magnum Cascade, and Mara des Bois

    • needs a lot of light, warmth, and wind protection
    • ever-bearing variety
    • Cultivation in pots, tubs, hanging baskets, or window boxes

How do I ideally grow strawberries on the balcony?

Green thumb or not, you too can expand your balcony with strawberries in no time at all. If you have the right containers, sufficient potting soil (alternatively vegetable soil), mulch (e.g. straw, compost) and your strawberry plants, you can get started.


This is how it's done:

  1. Fill the container with the soil and form a hollow with your hand
  2. Bury the plant deep enough while keeping the heart bud above the ground
  3. If there are several plants (varieties can be combined), keep a distance of 20 to 25 centimeters
  4. Water plentifully (avoid standing water)
  5. Spread out a wide layer of mulch (e.g. straw, compost).

You want to save yourself the work? No problem! At The Plant Box you will find ready-made balcony plantings with flowers, herbs, and also strawberries (e.g. creations Animal Love and Herbal Harmony ).


Care tips for ripe and sweet balcony strawberries

Strawberries are not at all a fan of very dry soil – especially not wild strawberries. Overwatering should also be avoided so that neither standing water nor rot can occur.

Since the strawberries bloom and ripen best in July and August, they should be watered twice on particularly hot summer days. It is best to choose two times a day when you not only water your strawberries, but your entire balcony garden.


Harvesting and storing the strawberries

Most of the strains we told you about will bring you plenty of fresh fruit for several months - even until the end of October. Since the strawberries grow back quickly, they are perfect for snacking on in between. The ripe fruit can easily be recognized by its beautiful, dark red colour. It is also easy to pick.

Strawberries are very sensitive - you should therefore not store them for a long time. After picking or processing (e.g. jam) they are best eaten on the same day. If necessary, most varieties can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two days.


Overwinter perennial balcony strawberries properly

Cold is also a problem for perennial strawberries, so you need to overwinter them properly. This works quite simply: It is usually sufficient to place them close to the wall of the house and also cover them with fleece or brushwood. You can pack hanging vessels in a jute bag, for example.

After the winter and with the rising temperatures, you should remove the covers again, so that there is no rot.


Strawberries, flowers & Co.: Your finished balcony planting from The Plant Box

It doesn't matter what time of year - with The Plant Box you always have a beautifully arranged balcony box, and all without any effort or mess. In our shop you will find many different, ready-made balcony arrangements that you can easily order online and simply use in your balcony box at home. Our carefully selected arrangements combine plants and flowers with herbs, vegetables, and fruit such as hanging strawberry plants. Your plantings will be conveniently delivered to your home – if you wish, with the right balcony box. In addition, we also provide you with important tips for care and creative ideas: The strawberries are perfect for a punch as a summer drink, for example.

Finished plantings for the balcony - your advantages with The Plant Box:

  • Large selection of pre-arranged balcony plantings with herbs, flowers, and even fruit - changing per season
  • Very conveniently a fresh and colourfully planted balcony: Refills are sent directly to your home and can be used in just a few minutes
  • Balcony small or large, sunny or shady: We have a solution for every balcony - our wizard on the start page will help you with your selection
  • Varied, sustainable, and regional: Our plant subscription will surprise you with new arrangements at any time of the year


To our shop


If you want to plant your balcony with fresh flowers and fruit all year round, you should become a member of our Plant Lovers Club. For a monthly membership fee of just €35, we will deliver a new refill of seasonal balcony flowers five times a year - the right flower box made from recycled vegetable oil is included. Club members can also look forward to monthly mail with tips and information on balcony planting, as well as exclusive offers and free shipping.


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