Permanent planting for balcony boxes: year-round & winter-hardy balcony plants

Replant every 3 months? If this thought has so far put you off tackling your own small balcony project, we want to help. We'll show you which easy-care balcony plants can survive all year round, which winter-hardy plants are particularly suitable for north or south-facing balconies, and why you should get The Plant Box involved, so you don't have to worry about your permanent planting becoming too monotonous.


What characterizes permanent planting for balcony boxes?

Whether it's the lack of ideas, the time, or the belief in your own green thumb, there are many reasons to opt for permanent planting on the balcony. The basic idea is very simple: Anyone who decides on perennial and winter-hardy balcony plants has only to use minimal maintenance effort and can still look forward to a beautifully planted balcony without having to worry about new suitable plants and flowers every season.

That sounds easy at first, but it's not always so. If you really want to have the "once plant, always enjoy" effect, you have to do some preparatory work. The condition that the balcony plants should be year-round, winter-hardy, and ideally evergreen, of course limits the choice by a good bit. The trick is to use the available plants to create year-round planting that is easy to care for and at the same time works as a permanent highlight on the balcony, so that you don't get tired of it too quickly.


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Plant balcony boxes all year round - how it works

The most important point so that your balcony project doesn't disappoint you in the end: Unfortunately, year-round balcony planting does not mean that the plants and flowers will bloom permanently. It is much more about putting on balcony plants that look beautiful even without flowers, for example, because the leaves are already a visual highlight and remain so throughout autumn and winter. But that doesn't mean that permanent planting automatically means that you have to do without flowers and greenery on your balcony. Sunflowers, Christmas roses, winter jasmine, or azalea are just a few examples of winter-hardy balcony plants that are very well suited for permanent planting and bring a lot of colour to your balcony. Depending on the conditions on your balcony, you can use different plants.


Winter-hardy permanent planting for the south-facing balcony (sun)

Even if year-round balcony plants survive the winter well, the high temperatures in summer can become a problem for some of them. So if your balcony faces south, you must also make sure when assembling the balcony box that all plants can cope with the blazing sun.


10 year-round balcony plants for sunny balconies:

  • chrysanthemums
  • Spanish Daisies
  • snowdrop
  • lavender
  • grape hyacinths
  • crocuses
  • cranesbills
  • perennial linen
  • grape hyacinths
  • crested sedge
  • Bow Love Grass

Winter-hardy permanent planting for the north balcony (shade)

With a north-facing balcony, you should of course make sure that your chosen plants feel comfortable even if they get very little sun throughout the year. In addition to perennials, many grasses, ferns, and ornamental leaf plants are suitable for this.


10 year-round balcony plants for shady balconies:

  • begonia
  • lobelia
  • boxwood
  • Pennywort
  • Busy Lizzie
  • gold droplets
  • Sweet Violet
  • Corydalis
  • striped fern
  • Hostas (e.g. gold hostas)

Winter-hardy permanent planting with balcony herbs

If flowers are not that important to you, you can also go in a completely different direction with your permanent planting on the balcony. Do yourself a favor for future cooking and plant various year-round herbs. Many of them are not only very easy to care for, but also winterproof and are therefore ideal for balcony planting all year round.


7 year-round balcony herbs for permanent planting:

  • rosemary
  • shrub basil
  • oregano
  • lavender
  • (fruit) sage
  • laurel
  • winter cress

Permanent planting on the balcony - what do I have to pay attention to?

What almost all of the year-round balcony plants have in common: They are very easy to care for and develop very well without special attention. But you have to treat them to something at least at the beginning of your balcony project: high-quality soil or substrate. If you choose the cheapest soil, you run the risk that the plants will not survive a whole year. A small initial investment is necessary here so that you can fill your balcony box with high-quality, peat-free soil or substrate.


Your varied permanent planting from The Plant Box

A permanent planting for the balcony box is very easy to care for, but it can also quickly become monotonous. That's why we want to approach the topic of year-round balcony planting together with you in a different way and provide more variety. The Plant Box takes care of the permanent planting for you: With us you will find a wide selection of creative, ready-made plantings (refills) for your balcony. The arrangements are put together by us personally and are therefore perfectly adapted to the different conditions of each season.

To keep your balcony varied, you can easily choose a new planting from us for every season. You can find the plantings in our shop either as a single refill or as a convenient subscription . As soon as you have received your order, all you have to do is place it in your balcony box, and shortly afterwards you can look forward to your finished planted balcony.

Balcony plantings from The Plant Box:

  • creative, ready-arranged plantings for your balcony
  • suitable arrangements for every season and location
  • various plants from regional cultivation
  • Planting with peat-free soil and without chemical fertilizers
  • varied permanent planting with Plant Lover Club membership


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If you are also looking for the right balcony box for the plants, we recommend our Plant Box . It is made from 100% recycled vegetable oils (Made in Germany), combines a beautiful, simple design with convincing technology and thus ensures that your plants are always the center of attention.


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