Dahlien für den Balkon

Dahlias on the balcony: Everything about appearance, care & Co.

Winter is slowly coming to an end, and the first warm rays of sunshine herald spring. So it's high time to start thinking about planting your balcony for the summer. An alternative to classic geraniums and petunias: The dahlia. It is not only appreciated as a handsome garden plant, it can also be found in smaller versions on more and more balconies. The dahlia is easy to care for, but if you follow a few instructions, the plant will thank you with beautiful, lush flowers. With us, you not only get important tips and hints, but also the uncomplicated alternative to self-planting!

Dahlias - Summer balcony flowers from South America

The dahlia originally comes from South America; more precisely from Mexico and Guatemala. It was first mentioned in writing in 1552 in an Aztec book on herbs. However, it was another 140 years before workers at a botanical garden in Mexico City sent seeds of the plant to Madrid. In Europe, however, people were initially disappointed with the dahlia - although its tuber was edible, it was unfortunately unpalatable. It only spread further in Europe at the beginning of the 19th century as the breeding and crossing of new species began its triumph as an ornamental plant. The genus of dahlias is divided into four sections and approximately 35 species. The exact number is difficult to determine, as there are always new crosses and breeds. Interesting: All species known to us are crosses from the first species that were shipped to Europe.


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Which dahlias fit in the balcony box?

Since many dahlia species grow sprawling, and some varieties can even reach a height of up to two meters, only small and medium-sized species are suitable for tubs and flower pots. If you want to keep dahlias in your balcony box, dwarf or baby dahlias are particularly suitable. These hybrid species are the smallest known strains and typically only grow to about 30cm tall. Some species have a high water requirement and therefore need correspondingly large containers. They are therefore unsuitable for balconies, as large tubs can easily be tipped over by gusts of wind. The rule of thumb here is: Only dahlias should be kept on the balcony that also grow in the garden bed without a support post.


Under what conditions do dahlias grow in balcony boxes?

Since the dahlia comes from South America, it is a true sun worshiper. In order for it to develop its magnificent flowers, it is best placed on a south-facing balcony, as that is where it gets the most hours of sunshine. Although dahlias also grow in semi-shade, the flower growth is not quite as lush there. Completely shady places should be avoided, as there are hardly any flowers. At best, you should still find a protected corner for the dahlia on the balcony, as it is very sensitive to heavy rain and thunderstorms.


How do I properly plant dahlias on the balcony?

To enjoy dahlias on your balcony in summer, you have two options: either you grow them yourself, or you use young plants that have been brought forward. If you want to grow them yourself, you can start planting from the beginning of March. The seeds are best placed in seed trays, which are ideally positioned in a bright place in a greenhouse or on a windowsill. The seeds thrive best at a temperature of 18 - 20 degrees.

If you don't have the time for cultivation, you also have the option of buying young plants. Employees in garden centers and hardware stores will be happy to advise you on suitable varieties. Important note: Dahlias are extremely sensitive to frost. Regardless of whether they are planted or purchased, the plants should only be placed on the balcony when night frost has been ruled out, as this will damage the tender shoots. The ice saints in May can be used as a rough guideline - but the exact time varies from year to year and must be determined individually.


What nutrients do dahlias need?

You don't need to buy any special soil or substrate for your dahlias. It is perfectly sufficient to use a commercially available soil for indoor and balcony plants when repotting. This is either used pure or in combination with clay granules - a mixing ratio of 2:1 is ideal. In order to provide the plants with sufficient nutrients during the summer, a phosphate-rich, liquid balcony flower fertilizer should be used. It is best to add this to the irrigation water once a week.


How should I care for my dahlias?

In order for dahlias to unfold their full bloom on the balcony, proper care must not be neglected. Since it feels most comfortable in the sunshine, water supply is crucial. So that growth is not restricted, drying out must be prevented at all costs, but the dahlia is also sensitive to waterlogging, as this promotes root rot. Garden experts therefore advise watering only moderately, but regularly. If you use automatic watering systems and balcony boxes with drainage, you are on the safe side. Frost protection is also important for the growth of dahlias. Even after the ice saints, there can always be cold spells, although night frost cannot be ruled out.

Since this severely damages the flowers, it is important to protect the dahlias in such cases and to cover the balcony box with a bag or fleece at night. If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to place your plants in your house or apartment when frost is approaching. To ensure that your dahlias have beautiful and bright flowers all year round, you should cut them out regularly. For this purpose, faded and withered flowers are regularly removed from the plant. Pruning inhibits seed production and ensures vigorous reblooming. Large dahlia varieties are ideal for overwintering. With the smaller varieties that are used on balconies, however, this hibernation is not common. As a rule, seeds are used to replant them every spring. This has the advantage that you can enjoy new colors every year.


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