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For your balcony: flower boxes with creative planting from The Plant Box

Whether in white, grey, green, or black; whether made of wood, metal, or terracotta; you can now find flower boxes for the balcony in a seemingly endless number of variants - not only in terms of design, but also in terms of dimensions and additional functions (e.g. water reservoir). We will give you a brief overview of the most important properties and show you how The Plant Box can not only take care of the selection of the right flower box for you, but also the creative planting of your balcony.

Flower boxes for the balcony: what should I pay attention to?

Before we show you what makes our own Plant Box stand out from other flower boxes, we want to give a brief overview of what you should generally look out for when choosing the right flower boxes for your balcony.


To our Plant Box


On the one hand, the size of your flower boxes naturally depends on your balcony - but on the other hand, it also depends a bit on how many plants you want it to accommodate, because your balcony plants need enough space to develop and grow properly. You should therefore plan at least a hand’s breadth between the individual plants. In addition to the usual standard dimensions (e.g. 30×11×11 cm, 60×23×14 cm), there are now many other variants - often with lengths of up to 100 cm.


Fortunately, the times when flower boxes only had to serve their purpose and the look hardly played a role are long gone. However, the different materials can not only be something for the eye, but also have other advantages and disadvantages:
  • Flower boxes made of wood have become increasingly popular, especially in recent years, but bring with them the problem that they are often not weather-resistant. This means that both the look and the stability quickly suffer. In addition to a robust type of wood, additional waterproofing is important here.
  • Flower boxes made of plastic are cheap and durable, but unfortunately the design often falls by the wayside. Most of the time, the manufacturers don't take advantage of all the possibilities of design, so that when you think of plastic flower boxes, you almost always have the outdated standard versions in white or black in mind. You can see what we want to do about it and how recycled raw materials can be used for this further down on this page.
  • Polyrattan flower boxes are one thing above all: A matter of taste. For some, the welcome change from plastic and wood, for others more of a design no-go. Basically, these flower boxes are both light and robust and weatherproof.
  • Metal flower boxes are particularly durable. Mostly made of aluminum or galvanized stainless steel, they remain visually appealing for several years. However, there is a risk: In the summer, the boxes can heat up considerably and the plants in them can suffer as a result.

Bracket / Attachment

A point that is often overlooked when buying: Not every holder for flower boxes also fits every balcony railing. Most brackets these days are designed at angles, so you just hang them on the railing to easily hang your flower box. You should therefore make sure in advance that the circumference of the mounting brackets fits the railing or the handrail on your balcony. Brackets are often specially designed for square or round railings. The right material for the bracket depends primarily on the size and weight of your flower boxes. In principle, plastic brackets are sufficient, but to be on the safe side, we advise you to use a metal variant (e.g. aluminum), especially for larger balcony boxes. By the way, it's just a rumor that it should be forbidden to hang flower boxes on the balcony outside. As the owner, you are only obliged to ensure that the flower box is fastened well enough, even in strong winds.

The Plant Box: Our flower box for your balcony

Plastic flower boxes are not easy on the eye? We want to prove you wrong. That's why we developed our Plant Box: Made from 100% recycled vegetable oils (Circulen Plus), its modern design ensures that you will not only enjoy the plants on your balcony, but also the flower box itself. What distinguishes our Plant Box:
  • 2 colors to choose from: Forest Green & Dark Grey
  • Dimensions: 75cm × 18cm × 18cm
  • made from sustainable raw materials (100% recycled vegetable oils)
  • integrated UV filter for optimized service life
  • produced locally near Berlin


To our shop


With our flower box, we not only want to put your plants in the spotlight, but also protect them well. So that they don't rot or drown, we deliberately decided against the classic water depot and instead used a drainage strip on the bottom. So that you can easily attach our Plant Box to your balcony railing, you will also find the right bracket in our shop. It is made of durable and robust aluminum and is suitable for both square and round balcony railings and handrailings. We have made sure that the bracket is not visible from the front - so your balcony plants always remain the center of attention.

Plant your flower box creatively with The Plant Box

A beautiful flower box for your balcony is one thing - choosing the right plants and flowers is quite another. Here, too, we are happy to help you. In addition to your flower box, you can get a large selection of ready-made plant creations in our shop, which you can easily use in your Plant Box or your own flower boxes. It doesn't matter whether you have a south-facing or north-facing balcony, whether it's spring, summer, or autumn - our arrangements have been put together by us personally and are therefore perfectly adapted to the conditions of different balconies and seasons.
Our plants come from regional cultivation and we attach great importance to sustainability and climate protection. We therefore only use peat-free soil for the planting, and instead of chemical fertilizers, we rely on a fermented product made from microorganisms. Just take a look at our shop and let us help you with the creative planting of your flower boxes - either once with one of our refills, or throughout the year with our convenient subscription.
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