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Flowering balcony plants: How you turn your balcony into a flowery paradise

Who doesn't wish to be able to spend the entire summer on a colourfully blooming balcony? The only things necessary for this are the right balcony flowers, with blooms that last throughout the season. Here you can find out which flowering balcony plants go best with your balcony and how The Plant Box can help you if you don't have time to repot.


What makes flowering balcony plants special?

When planning their balcony, most people want lush, colourful, but easy-care plants. Balcony plants from the category of easy-care, multi-flowering plants are best suited for this. These are mostly annual summer flowers that are particularly blooming and robust. If they are planted in a balcony box or a bucket, they transform every balcony into an overflowing sea of ​​flowers. Since they are usually easy to care for, these flowering balcony plants require little attention. Regular watering and occasional fertilizing is enough for most types of flowers to produce beautiful blooms all summer long. However, faded buds should be removed regularly to enhance their growth.


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The right light conditions for blooming balcony plants

When choosing the right balcony plants, the prevailing lighting conditions are particularly important. If you can enjoy the sun on your balcony from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or later), you probably have a sunny balcony. Anyone who grows plants on a sunny balcony must therefore pay particular attention to regular watering. If, on the other hand, the sun only shines for a certain half of the day, this is referred to as a partially shaded to shaded balcony. The correct placement of the planters is particularly important here, in order to provide the flowers with a sufficient amount of daylight.

Which flowers bloom on sunny balconies?

Sunny, south-facing balconies are not only popular with people; many blooming balcony flowers that need a lot of light also feel at home here.


Petunias & Magic Bells:

Petunias and their smaller relatives, magic bells, are particularly suitable for a sunny location, because the more sunlight they are exposed to, the more abundantly the annual balcony flowers bloom. Petunias and magic bells bloom from late spring to early fall. They need to be watered regularly and plentifully, especially in summer, but apart from that they are very easy to care for.

Hussar buttons

Hussar buttons can be planted in balcony boxes as well as in hanging baskets. With their small, sunny flowers, they form a lush carpet that bathes the balcony in a summery yellow. They bloom annually from June until autumn and feel particularly comfortable in full sun.


Yellow Coneflower

The yellow coneflower loves sunny locations and nutrient-rich soil. On the balcony, the perennial should be placed in a bucket. If you would like to overwinter the perennial plant, you should only cut it back after the cold season, because the seeds of the coneflower are an important food source for birds in winter.



Zinnias produce numerous colourful flowers ranging from red to orange to yellow in summer. The balcony flower feels particularly comfortable in the balcony box and should be placed in a wind-protected, sunny place. Zinnias do not like a lot of rain and wind, and the annual balcony flowers do not survive the cold of winter, either.


Are there also flowering balcony plants for shaded balconies?

Colourful flowering balcony plants can also feel at home on shady balconies that face north. These five varieties prefer a location with little daylight:



Fuchsias are among the most popular balcony plants - precisely because they feel so comfortable on shady balconies. The purple blooming balcony flowers need surprisingly little light to bloom lushly. As an annual tropical plant, however, fuchsias are not hardy and are usually only cultivated over the summer.

Good to know: The fuchsia is non-toxic to cats, and owners can plant it on the balcony without hesitation.



Compared to other balcony flowers, chrysanthemums bloom very late; their colorful flowers only begin to open in autumn. You need a location that is as bright as possible, but still does not get too hot - ideal for a balcony in partial shade. There they should be regularly supplied with plenty of water and a sufficient amount of liquid fertilizer. Not all varieties are hardy; with the appropriate protection, however, certain species can also spend the winter on the balcony. Cat owners should be careful, because unfortunately chrysanthemums are poisonous for pets.


Busy Lizzie

As their name promises, hard-working Lizzies bloom particularly lush and don't even need a lot of sunlight. From May, the balcony plant forms red, white, pink, or purple flowers that continue to bloom into autumn. However, the hard-working Lizzie cannot withstand temperatures below 10 degrees, which is why the plant is only cultivated as an annual in this country.


Flowering balcony without much effort? This is how it works with The Plant Box

Is repotting balcony flowers too time-consuming for you, or do you not have the time to look for the right plants in the hardware store? No problem; The Plant Box is here for you. We create new plant arrangements for balcony boxes every season and deliver them to your home with ease. All you have to do is place our refills in the balcony box - and your flowery oasis is ready.

your advantages

  • Creative plant arrangements for your window box made from regional, sustainably grown balcony flowers
  • Flowering balcony all year round: Secure a year-round flowering balcony planting with our seasonal creations.
  • No hauling or repotting necessary; you save dirt, time, and effort.
  • Also suitable for beginners: we provide detailed care instructions and the right fertilizer.


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For a balcony that is always in bloom all year round, The Plant Box offers the practical Plant Lover Club membership: five times a year you will receive a new refill from us, with which your balcony will shine in bright colors and fresh green all year long.


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