Bienenfreundliche Balkonpflanzen

Make the balcony bee-friendly - we'll show you how it's done

If you not only want to create a place where people feel comfortable with your balcony, but also want to do something good for the bees, you can make a major contribution by consciously selecting different, insect-friendly plants. We will show you which balcony plants are a particularly good source of food for bees, how you can arrange them in a bee-friendly manner, and how The Plant Box can make your work easier.


Why are bee-friendly balcony plants so important?

Bees are an essential part of our domestic ecosystem. With their diligent work, they ensure that trees, flowers, or crops (e.g. peppers, zucchini, or strawberries) are pollinated and thus contribute to the continued existence of our plant diversity. With a bee-friendly balcony, you can support the bees in their search for food while combatting the ongoing bee mortality. If you do it right, your balcony will remain green in a variety of ways from spring to autumn.


To our bee-friendly creation


How do I recognize bee-friendly balcony plants?

When designing a bee-friendly balcony, many people think of lushly blooming balcony boxes and hanging, fragrant flowers. Especially colourful and fragrant flowers are not always the most bee-friendly choice. Geraniums, petunias, chrysanthemums, or dahlias bloom in bright colours, but offer bees relatively little nectar or pollen. Bees clearly prefer an insect-friendly mix of wild flowers, herbs, and vegetables to a monoculture of the classic flowering balcony plants. In short: Bees need food all year round - so when designing your bee-friendly balcony you should make sure that plants bloom there from spring to autumn that offer them pollen and nectar.


Which balcony plants are bee-friendly?

Before you decide to buy bee-friendly balcony flowers, we want to give you an overview of which plants and flowers are particularly suitable. Depending on your personal taste, level of experience, and lighting conditions, there are suitable, insect-friendly plants that will not only make you happy, but also the bees.


flowering plants

Flowering plants for a bee-friendly balcony should above all provide the bees with a sufficient amount of nectar and pollen. These 4 flowering balcony plants are therefore particularly suitable:
  • Verbena: The verbena (also known as vervain) is one of the hanging balcony plants and feels particularly at home in sunny locations. The small flowers are easily accessible to wild bees. Verbena are also very popular with balcony gardeners because of their sprawling flowers.
  • Bluebells: White, blue, purple, and violet bluebells bloom in partial shade from June through August. During this time, they are a favorite spot for bees and bumblebees, because their calyx shape not only offers nectar and pollen, but also protection from rain and wind.
  • Nasturtium: The nasturtium not only attracts bees with their supply of pollen and nectar until late summer, but is also edible for humans. It can be arranged hanging and blooms more with the more sun it gets. It is very easy to care for and is therefore also suitable for balcony plant beginners.
  • Vanilla flower: The vanilla flower (also called heliotrope) blooms in sunny or partially shaded places in an intense violet. It smells beguilingly sweet like vanilla, which makes it extremely popular not only with bees and butterflies.

herbs and vegetables

In addition to flowering balcony plants, bees and other insects love aromatic herbs and flowering vegetables. These strains can be grown on a bee-friendly balcony:
  • Lavender: Lavender is one of the true classics among balcony plants. In full sun, it unfolds its characteristic scent and the typical lilac-violet colour with which it attracts bees. In contrast to most flowering plants, lavender is hardy and can easily be left on the balcony in mild cold.
  • Savory: Savory, also known as borage, is a particularly bee-friendly herb that can also be used in the kitchen. The white, star-shaped flowers offer bees a huge yield of nectar and pollen; at the same time, savory is a very easy-care, undemanding balcony plant that blooms all summer.
  • Fragrant kitchen herbs: This category contains a whole range of classic balcony plants that attract bees with their intense aroma. Mint, thyme, and rosemary take up little space as they grow, are insect-friendly, easy to care for, and often even hardy. Depending on the variety, they can be placed in full sun, partial shade, or even full shade.

If you have enough space available on your balcony, you can even start planting vegetables and have them pollinated by local bees. Flowering vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, and beans can be planted in a raised bed on the balcony. To attract bees to your vegetable patch, it can be worth adding bee-friendly flowers between each vegetable plant.


The bee-friendly flower boxes from The Plant Box

Would you like to make the local bees happy with your balcony, but you are just starting out when it comes to balcony plants? Or do you simply lack the time to put together a creative arrangement of bee-friendly balcony flowers that you really like? The Plant Box develops creative balcony flower arrangements throughout the year, which we conveniently deliver to your home by post. Our refills arrive fully arranged and simply need to be placed in your balcony box at home. When selecting our flowers, we always pay attention to the needs of bees and other insects and can therefore offer you a large selection of different, particularly bee-friendly plantings.

Your advantages:

  • Large selection of bee-friendly balcony flower arrangements
  • Seasonal selection of flowers from preferred regional suppliers
  • Suitable for every balcony and a wide variety of lighting conditions
  • Comfortable delivery directly to your home, without long searching, driving, and hauling
  • Also for plant beginners: We provide information about your new plants and suitable fertilizers


To our shop


All of our bee-friendly refills are marked in the shop and are easy to find. In addition to the individual creations, we also offer you whole bee -friendly flower subscriptions , where we provide you with a new balcony box refill five times a year. Even if you don't have a flower box hanging at home yet, that's not a problem: our flower boxes are made from 100% recycled vegetable oil and can be included with your first order. With our universal bracket, the flower box can be hung on any balcony railing without any problems.


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