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Balcony plants for sunny places: With these tips it works

Here comes the sun! Especially in summer, a sunny south-facing balcony is a great place to relax and enjoy the warm days. With the right balcony plants and a cozy interior, you can transform your balcony into a blooming oasis that is also easy to care for. Here you can find out exactly how this works, what you have to pay attention to, and how the balcony planting with The Plant Box can be done even faster.

How to recognize a sunny balcony

In order to set up and get planting on your balcony, it is first important to know what lighting conditions prevail there. You can recognize a sunny balcony by the fact that the sun shines on it between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. We speak of full sun when your balcony is illuminated from sunrise to sunset. The location can also give you a clue: balconies that face south or east usually fall into the 'sunny' or even 'full sun' category. It's also worth keeping an eye on the lighting conditions on your balcony throughout the year: balconies that are partially shaded due to the low sun in spring or autumn can become balconies with full sun in summer as soon as it rises above the house roofs .

Which balcony plants tolerate a lot of sun?

Just like us humans, plants can also get sunburned from too much intense UV radiation - and therefore have to protect themselves. You can recognize many plants that tolerate solar radiation particularly well by the fact that they have smaller leaves that can avoid the blazing sun, and at the same time lose less water due to the smaller leaf surface. Other plants protect themselves against the heat with hardened or hairy leaves that allow less evaporation. When planting a sunny balcony, you should still pay attention to regular watering, because many flowering plants do not tolerate long periods of drought and dry soil very well. Otherwise, you have a huge choice: from delicate flowers to robust cacti, there are many options for planting a sunny balcony that can withstand the heat of a sunny south-facing balcony.

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6 balcony plants for sunny places

  • Geraniums form a particularly large number of flowers under intense sunlight and are therefore perfect for a south-facing balcony. They are among the classic balcony plants that can be placed either in a flower box or in a hanging basket. It is important to provide them with plenty of water on a regular basis; otherwise they don't need much maintenance.
  • Petunias need a lot of sun to grow and also withstand the summer heat with ease. If they are watered regularly, they are a perfect choice for full-sun locations.
  • Magic bells (also called mini petunias) are closely related to the large-flowered petunias and are a great alternative if you prefer smaller flowers. They tolerate just as much sun without any problems and can be planted hanging, in a bucket, or in a flower box.
  • Mediterranean herbs such as thyme and rosemary are optimally protected against intense sunlight thanks to their small, hard leaves and can withstand strong winds thanks to their dry, robust structure. They spread a pleasant scent on the balcony and can also be used for cooking when freshly harvested.
  • Lavender prefers to be in full sun all day and only needs a little water; the violet flowers and the pleasant scent unfold particularly well if the soil is kept dry. Some varieties are also winter-hardy and can flower on your balcony for several years.
  • Although succulents are not typical balcony plants, they can look particularly great in combination with other flowering plants and are also extremely easy to care for. They have their origins in the desert, which is why sunshine, heat, and drought don't bother them much. Succulents therefore need very little water and are particularly suitable for all those who forget to water them from time to time.
To give your plants the perfect environment to grow, place them on a sunny balcony in bright, large containers that hold plenty of water and don't heat up as quickly.

The Plant Box – without effort for the perfect balcony planting

If the sun is shining and you'd rather not spend the day lugging around, repotting, and hanging up balcony plants, The Plant Box will help you: We'll deliver creatively arranged balcony plants (refills) to your home easily and conveniently.


Our advantages for sunny balconies:

  • Perfectly coordinated: Decide between a large selection of ready-made plant arrangements that are precisely tailored to sunny balconies
  • No more strenuous lugging and repotting in the midday sun; your plants will be delivered to your home fully arranged, and all you have to do is place them in your balcony box
  • Ideal for getting started or if you don't have a green thumb: Our arrangements arrive at your home with lots of information on care and rich fertilizer, so you no longer have to worry about the optimal care of your balcony plants.
  • Have you moved and don't have any flower boxes or brackets yet? We simply deliver them to your home together with your plants. Our flower boxes are made of recycled vegetable oil (Made in Germany) and fit on any balcony railing with our universal bracket.


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The Plant Box creates new floral arrangements for your balcony all year round. We pay particular attention to using plants from regional cultivation and to making our creations bee and insect-friendly. We also only use peat-free organic soil for our arrangements in order to protect the climate and our bogs. If you want to be supplied with fresh flowers and creative balcony planting all year round, you can also take out a balcony plant subscription with us. Four times a year we provide you with new seasonal refills for your flower box, so that your balcony is always in beautiful bloom.


Tips for your sunny balcony

The lighting conditions on your balcony not only have a major impact on which plants thrive best there. Your furniture and planters should also be prepared for the intensity of the sun. Dark woods, metals, and plastics heat up quickly when exposed to a lot of sunlight and can fade over time. So that you can enjoy your balcony furniture for as long as possible, it is advisable to use light wood furniture. The big advantage: After a downpour, your furniture dries quickly in direct sunlight and is not damaged by moisture. If you also want to spend time on your balcony at midday, we recommend an awning to protect you from the blazing sun. Your plants are also grateful for the protection from the midday heat.

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