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Balcony plants also in the shade? Here's how it works!

When looking for an apartment, a shady balcony is more of a compromise than a dream for most people. But is the frustration really justified? With the right plants and a few tips, you can turn a shady balcony into a beautifully blooming garden that can easily keep up with a sunny balcony. We'll show you how it's done and how balcony planting is even easier with The Plant Box.


How do I recognize a shady balcony?

You can recognize a shady balcony relatively easily by the direction in which it is facing and how much sunlight it receives each day. If your balcony faces east and is exposed to the sun for about 4 hours a day, it is in partial shade. On the other hand, if your balcony faces north, it will likely never get direct sunlight throughout the day and will be in the shade all the time. You should not only monitor the lighting conditions on your balcony throughout the day, but also over the course of the entire year. Some balconies get little light at the beginning of spring due to the flat sun, but are sometimes illuminated a little more in summer. Once you know how much light your balcony gets each season, you can start choosing the right plants that do best in those light conditions.


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Which balcony plants also bloom in the shade?

If you've recently moved into an apartment with a shaded balcony, you've probably been told that the lack of sun will make planting difficult. That's absolutely not true! It all depends on the right choice of plants and optimal care.


Flowering plants for shady balconies

Although the number of flowering plants that feel comfortable in the shade or semi-shade is lower than that for a sunny balcony - that doesn't mean that you have to do without a colourfully planted balcony. It doesn't matter whether it's particularly easy to care for or bee-friendly: Our 5 favorites for the shade also bloom without much sun:
  • fuchsias
  • begonias
  • bluebells
  • chrysanthemums
  • hydrangeas

Easy-care green plants that hardly need any sun

Flowering plants are particularly beautiful in combination with other green plants. And particularly shady environments are the ideal place for them to grow, because they are much more robust and require less sunlight. With these 5 easy-care plants you can transform your bare, shady balcony into a green jungle:
  • ferns
  • colourful nettles
  • grasses
  • boxwood
  • bamboo

Aromatic herbs for shaded balconies

As a rule, most herbs tend to grow in sunny places. But even among them there are some (bee-friendly) exceptions that will feel right at home on your shaded balcony:
  • mint
  • wild garlic
  • woodruff
  • lemon balm

Your vegetable garden on the shaded balcony

Nothing stands in the way of a small vegetable garden on your east or north-facing balcony. Green leafy vegetables grow particularly well in the shade or partial shade and can easily be grown in a raised bed:
  • spinach
  • chard
  • lettuce
  • field greens
  • cabbage

More tips for your shaded balcony

Even if you get the impression at first that planting a shady balcony is more complicated than in a sunnier place, there are very different ways to transform it into a small, blooming oasis with just a few small tips and a little practice. A rule of thumb that you can remember for your balcony in the shade or semi-shade is that you have to water considerably less than on a sunny south-facing balcony - this makes it particularly easy to care for. So if you notice that the soil of your balcony plants is still damp, you don't have to water it yet. For this, dead plant parts should be removed more quickly, because in the humid environment of a shady balcony they begin to rot faster. The lack of sun ensures that you cool off quickly on your balcony, especially at night. If you want to help your sensitive plants, it is important that you protect them from the cold. This works best by covering them with newspaper or a jute weave.


Balcony planting with The Plant Box – also for shady balconies

As you've noticed, there are a lot of ways to turn your shaded balcony into a little highlight. If you're still not quite sure where to start, need a little jump-start, are looking for new ideas, or just don't have time to plan, we're here for you. The Plant Box creates ready-made balcony plantings that are conveniently sent to your home and simply have to be placed in your flower box. The huge selection also includes creative arrangements (refills) specially put together for balconies in the shade or semi-shade.

Planting shady balconies - your advantages with The Plant Box:

  • The ready -made balcony plant arrangements come fresh to your home and can easily be placed on your balcony. This saves soil, time, and energy.
  • You lacked (until now) the green thumb? With every refill, we provide you with lots of information and tips for caring for your new balcony plants.
  • Are you just starting out and don't have a flower box at home yet? Of course we can deliver it to you together with the right holder.


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If you want to make your balcony beautiful all year round, a subscription to The Plant Box makes it particularly easy for you: we will send you a new, seasonal refill five times a year, which you simply use in your balcony box. Browse through our shop and discover our wide range of options for shaded balconies.


The right furniture for your shaded balcony

An important tip for setting up your shade balcony: Consciously choose furniture that is water-resistant or that dries quickly on its own after a downpour. Wooden furniture in particular collects a lot of moisture due to the lack of sun and breaks down more quickly over time. But there is also good news, because the lack of sunlight will not bleach and damage your balcony furniture as quickly. It may be difficult to watch a sunset from an east- or north-facing balcony. Because of the lack of sunlight, lanterns, fairy lights, and lanterns come into their own here. Individual wind chimes or colourful pots can also provide more colour during the day.

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