Balkonpflanzen für die Südseite

Balcony plants for the south side

The south side is usually also the sunny side of a house. If you prefer to spend the whole day in the sun, you should definitely opt for a south-facing balcony. There are also sun worshipers among the balcony plants, which is why they feel particularly at home on the south-facing balcony. We want to tell you what they are, how best to plant them, and how The Plant Box can help you plant your balcony.

What defines a south-facing balcony?

Sunshine from morning to night; you only get that on the south-facing balcony. Balconies that face south usually have sunny or full sunlight conditions. This means that the balcony is continuously illuminated from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or even longer). South-facing balconies are therefore particularly in demand when looking for an apartment, because they invite you to spend the whole day outside in the countryside.


Which plants fit on a south-facing balcony?

The lighting conditions on a south-facing balcony also influence the selection of the right balcony plants, because not every plant feels comfortable in the blazing heat of a south-facing balcony. So if your balcony is on the south side of your house, you should choose plants that can withstand high temperatures and lots of sun. The leaves are particularly important: Small, hardened, or hairy leaves release less water in the sun and prevent the plant from drying out or burning. If you value a colourful balcony, you should also choose flowers in light colours; they don't fade as quickly in the midday sun and therefore last throughout the summer.


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These six balcony flowers are perfect for a south-facing balcony bathed in sunlight all day long:



Petunias are the balcony flowers par excellence. They are particularly suitable for south-facing balconies, as they bloom particularly abundantly in intense sunlight. Its flowering period begins in May and extends into October. Like all balcony plants in sunny locations, they should be watered regularly and plentifully. In addition, petunias are very easy to care for, but unfortunately not perennial.



Geraniums (sometimes called pelargoniums) are perhaps the most popular balcony flower nationwide. There are several reasons for this: Geraniums bloom in every imaginable colour from May right through to autumn and can also be placed on windy south sides without any problems. They are comparatively undemanding when it comes to caring for them – lots of sun and regular watering is all they need. Geraniums come in both hanging and standing varieties; so they can be placed in the bucket, the hanging basket or the window box according to taste.



It's not just flowers that feel at home on the south side of your house; perennial strawberry bushes can also bear delicious fruit under the right lighting conditions. Compared to other types of fruit, they require little space and can therefore also be planted on small balconies. Depending on space and taste, you can choose between climbing and hanging varieties of strawberry plants. If you water and fertilize your strawberry plants regularly, you can enjoy your first fruits just 1 year after planting.


cape basket

Cape baskets (also called Cape daisies) are perfect for the balcony box due to their low growth height and their undemanding care. They need a lot of sun and light to grow - perfect for a sunny south-facing balcony. However, this also means that Cape daisies are not hardy and do not survive the cold season. In summer, not only people, but also bees and butterflies are happy about the insect-friendly balcony flower.


Blue fan flower

The blue fan flower stands out particularly because of its unique shape in the balcony box. Its blue-purple flowers appear from May to October, although it doesn't mind the heat of summer. The easy-care balcony flower is therefore perfect for a south-facing balcony and only needs to be watered regularly with soft water.



Verbena, or vervain, bloom on the south-facing balcony not only in beautiful violet and pink tones; the bee-friendly plant also exudes a pleasant scent throughout the summer. Verbena are very sensitive to cold and not hardy. Therefore, they should only be planted when the last winter frost is over. After that, however, they bloom well into autumn and only need regular watering.

Balcony on the south side: consider this when planting

In order to be able to enjoy their colourful balcony flowers for as long as possible, the owners of a south-facing balcony should observe a few important tips when planting: balcony plants should be placed on south-facing balconies in containers that are as large as possible, in which the soil can store a lot of water. This prevents the flowers from drying out prematurely and minimizes the need for watering. Balcony boxes with an integrated water reservoir - like the balcony box from The Plant Box - can be an additional help. The colour of the planters also plays a major role on the south-facing balcony: flower boxes in light colors do not heat up as quickly in the sun as dark variants. This prevents the water contained in the potting soil from evaporating prematurely. Light-coloured vessels also do not fade in the blazing sun and are therefore more durable and sustainable.

Ready arranged balcony boxes from The Plant Box - not only for south-facing balconies

Selecting, arranging, and planting balcony plants is fun - but it is also a complex project for which sometimes there is simply not enough time. If you don't (yet) have a green thumb or if you need something quick, The Plant Box can easily help you. We design new, creative balcony flower arrangements every season and conveniently send them to your home by post. All you have to do is place the arranged refill where you like it. No more hauling, repotting, or tidying up.

The advantages:

  • Creatively arranged balcony flowers for all lighting conditions - perfect for south-facing balconies
  • Refills made from seasonal and sustainably selected plants
  • Balcony planting without effort: Your balcony flowers will arrive at your home already arranged
  • Also available as a subscription if you wish: Discover new flowers for your balcony 5 times a year


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A suitable balcony box is essential, especially for plants that grow on the south side of a house: That is why we have developed our own balcony box with an integrated drainage system. It is made from 100% recycled vegetable oils, fits any balcony railing, and is available in 2 different colours.


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