Balkonpflanzen als Sichtschutz

Simply plant balcony plants yourself as privacy screens

A retreat in the countryside is always a great thing - especially in a noisy city. Many balcony owners would like to enjoy their small garden undisturbed and protected from prying eyes, and therefore plant balcony plants and shrubs as privacy screens. Here we will show you what needs to be considered, which plants are suitable for screening a balcony, and how The Plant Box can help you equip your balcony.

So many advantages: This is what the privacy screen made of balcony plants can do

A privacy screen for the balcony is available in a wide variety of shapes and materials: fences, grilles, and partitions made of wood, metal or plexiglass ensure a bit of privacy - especially in densely built-up areas of the city. In many cases, however, a cleverly placed group of tall balcony plants is sufficient to protect you from prying eyes.

A privacy screen made of large balcony plants has a number of distinct advantages: They are permeable to air, mostly winter and weatherproof, and they also contribute to a lush balcony in fresh shades of green. The environment also benefits, because the balcony plants produce oxygen and offer insects a safe habitat. Plants and grasses that are used as privacy screens are usually very easy to care for and do not require much watering or fertilizer.

Which plants are suitable as privacy screens?

Not every balcony plant is equally suitable as a privacy screen. In order to spend undisturbed time on your balcony, you should therefore rely on tall balcony plants with dense leaf growth. Hardy and winter-resistant varieties are suitable for privacy protection that lasts all year round. These 5 plants fit on every balcony and are very popular with gardening beginners as well as professionals:


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Roll mats and walls made of bamboo canes have long been a popular way to hide balconies and gardens from prying eyes. But the high-growing grass is also ideal in the planter to shield parts of the balcony in a natural way. In the summer, bamboo bears fresh green leaves that provide extra cover while still letting in plenty of fresh air. The hardy bamboo can also spend the cold season outside without any major problems.



The hardy heather is a classic when it comes to evergreen balcony plants. In summer, the balcony plants bloom in white, orange, violet, or pink, depending on the variety. To use it as a privacy screen, heather should be planted and hung up in boxes on both sides of the balcony. Upright growing varieties can reach heights of up to 60cm - enough to at least partially block the view of a balcony.


In order to be used as a privacy screen, ivy needs a little bit of help; however, a conventional wooden or metal trellis is sufficient to let the climbing plant grow to the desired height. The hardy ivy can grow on the balcony for many years without being affected by the cold, wind, or shade. Otherwise, ivy is a very easy-care balcony plant that requires neither a lot of water nor special fertilization measures.

cherry laurel

A small cherry laurel hedge can provide privacy not only in the garden but also on the balcony. The strong green shrub offers opaque protection all year round while letting enough fresh air and sun through onto the balcony. Cherry laurel grows very quickly - and without much maintenance. From May to June you can admire its white, fragrant flowers, which develop into red berries in the fall and are a great food source for birds.

ornamental grasses

High-growing ornamental grasses are suitable for privacy mainly in summer, since most grasses in this country are not winter-proof. The most popular varieties include Chinese reed, giant sedge, and pampas grass. The latter is a special eye-catcher due to its imposing panicles on the balcony, which at the same time offer a particularly opaque privacy screen for the balcony. Ornamental grasses do not require any special care. However, they can get very large and should therefore be planted in buckets on the balcony.

Your finished balcony garden is even faster with The Plant Box

A privacy screen for the balcony - whether made of plants, wood, or metal - is an important measure for an undisturbed, relaxing day on the balcony. If you want to complement the green privacy screen with creatively planted balcony boxes to create a perfect balcony garden, The Plant Box is the right place for you. We will simply send you your finished flower arrangement by post. As soon as they arrive at your place, the flowers only have to be placed in the balcony box at home and can be admired immediately. No annoying repotting, no hauling, no hassle.

Your advantages:
  • With just a few clicks to unique balcony planting: choose from many different flower box arrangements (“refills”).
  • Variety for the whole year: New, creative refills are added to the shop every season - which you can purchase individually or as part of a subscription.
  • Perfectly cared for even without planting experience: we will send you everything your balcony plants need to grow optimally - including instructions and fertilizer.


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If you are still missing a box for your professionally arranged balcony flowers, that is of course no problem. The Plant Box balcony boxes are made from 100% recycled vegetable oils and can be attached to any balcony railing thanks to our universal bracket.


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