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Balcony box with bracket set from The Plant Box

Your balcony boxes can be beautifully planted - without the right bracket set, unfortunately, the blooming balcony will not come to fruition. Similar to balcony and flower boxes themselves, the brackets are now available in many different designs - and therefore also with different functions and made of different materials. We'll give you a quick overview of the most important properties and show you why the balcony box with bracket set from The Plant Box is the right thing for you if you care about the design as well as the function.


The right balcony box bracket - what should I pay attention to?

The function of a balcony box holder can of course be summarized quickly: It serves to attach the boxes to the balcony railing in a robust and secure manner, and to be able to display the flowers and plants to the outside. However, there are some differences. Before we show you what makes our own balcony box bracket set from The Plant Box so special, we want to give you a brief overview of what you should look out for when choosing the right brackets for your balcony boxes.


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A bracket option that has now almost completely disappeared from the cityscape is the classic basket bracket. The balcony box is reshaped from a wire mesh in order to then insert it into this wire box. Although this option offers good support, it is becoming less and less common for most balcony gardeners. Brackets into which the balcony box is easily hung are more modern. As a result, two - or three in the case of particularly large window boxes - are usually sufficient to fasten the box securely to the railing. Of course, you should first make sure that the dimensions of the bracket match those of your balcony box - alternatively, there are also balcony box brackets that can be adjusted to the size of the box with the help of an adjusting screw, which can be particularly important for very small and very large balcony boxes. If you prefer to keep the balcony railing free, you will also find brackets that are specially designed for attachment to the house wall.


railing shape

This point is often forgotten: Not every bracket fits every balcony railing. Many brackets are specially designed for square or round railings - at the same time there are also special balcony boxes with brackets for particularly narrow or wide railings. In addition to suitability for round or square railings, you should pay particular attention to the scope of the mounting brackets. Most mounts are designed for a maximum of 4 - 5 cm - individually adjustable mounts can quickly become expensive. 



When it comes to the material, you usually have two options to choose from: plastic and metal. Balcony box brackets made of metal are usually a bit more expensive than the plastic version but are more robust, and they can also be a sight to behold in combination with a high-quality balcony box. The material makes a difference, especially with larger balcony boxes (> 100 cm). If these are fully planted, the weight can become too high for cheap plastic brackets over time, and they will bend. Most manufacturers specify a maximum load for their brackets - but from approx. 25 kg it is better to use a bracket made of metal (e.g. aluminum) to be on the safe side.


The Plant Box: Our balcony box with bracket set

We at The Plant Box have a problem with most ordinary balcony box brackets: the optics often fall by the wayside. With our Plant Box, we have developed a modern balcony box that should also be a visual highlight on your balcony - we don't want to let unsightly brackets ruin that. In addition to functionality, the eye must not be forgotten. Therefore, in addition to our balcony box, we have also created a holder that does not interfere with the design of the Plant Box and always draws the eye to the beautiful plants. Our bracket is suitable for both square and round balcony railings (max. 5 cm) and is attached directly to the Plant Box. You don't have to drill any holes yourself - the different pilot holes allow you to flexibly adjust the distance between the brackets to your balcony railing and the struts. Since our balcony box bracket is made of anodised aluminium, it is particularly weather-resistant and keeps its beautiful color over a long period of time.

Our Plant Box with bracket set:

  • Modern Balcony Planter with Bracket & Drainage Strip
  • 2 box colors to choose from: Forest Green & Dark Grey
  • made from sustainable raw materials (100% recycled vegetable oils)
  • integrated UV filter for optimized service life
  • Balcony box & bracket set Made in Germany
  • Dimensions: 75cm × 18cm × 18cm


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For your Plant Box: Our creative plantings

So that your balcony blooms from day one, we also offer our Plant Box as a pre-planted version. In our shop you will find many different plant creations (refills) that you can use in your plant box or your own balcony box in just a few simple steps. The refills are put together by us personally and adapted to different preferences and conditions - so you can easily find the right arrangement for you, regardless of whether you value bee-friendliness or want to make a shady north-facing balcony bloom. Our creations are available individually or conveniently as a subscription - just have a look around in our shop.


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