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Plant your own balcony vegetables

A vegetable patch on the balcony? You can do it! You can grow most of your favorite ingredients on your own balcony with very little preparation. Here you can find out what you need to consider and how The Plant Box can help you with planting.


Can I grow vegetables on the balcony?

In short: of course! A small pot or a flower box with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and co. fits even on the smallest balcony. Fresh vegetables from your own balcony not only taste much more flavourful than products from the supermarket; it is also much more environmentally friendly due to the saved transport route. Not only balcony owners are happy about flowering vegetable plants - they are also a vital source of food for butterflies and bees.


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Which vegetables grow on the balcony?

There are almost no limits to the choice of vegetables for your balcony bed: tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, and broccoli can all be grown on the balcony without any problems - as long as a few basic conditions are right.

Sunny south-facing balconies and wind-protected locations offer crops of all kinds ideal conditions to thrive. All you need for growing vegetables on the balcony are suitable, large tubs or window boxes, vegetable soil with important nutrients, and lots of water.

Easy-care, regional vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots are a good introduction to the world of gardening, especially for beginners. Those who have already gained a little experience can also try their hand at more sophisticated varieties such as chard, edamame, broccoli, or cabbage. 


Balcony vegetables: The best varieties for your balcony

Almost all types of vegetables that you know from the bed in the garden can also be planted on the balcony. We would like to present five of them to you here, together with valuable tips for care:


Cucumbers are the ideal start for the vegetable garden on the balcony, especially for beginners; the plants are comparatively easy to care for, can be settled in a space-saving manner, and deliver a rich harvest. The diverse selection of miniature breeds and specialty breeds bring variety to the vegetable patch, even for experienced balcony gardeners.

Cucumber plants are excellent for growing from seeds: Cover a cucumber seed in a growing pot with some soil and then water it with plenty of water. As soon as the seedling is 2 to 3 weeks old, you can transfer it to a larger pot and place it on the balcony. They prefer a sunny, warm location. There they only have to be supplied with plenty of water on a regular basis. At the end of spring, the first ripe cucumbers develop from the yellow flowers, waiting to be picked by you.



Tomatoes can either be grown from seeds or placed on the balcony as fully germinated young plants. A south-facing balcony with plenty of sunlight is ideal, and there the tomato plants can be placed starting in May. Flower boxes are usually too small for the heavy feeders, so use a large bucket or a plant bag with special soil instead.

Bush tomatoes are particularly recommended for the balcony; they grow low and yet bear much fruit. In addition, compared to other tomato varieties, they are very easy to care for and do not need to be pruned. Nevertheless, you should make sure to water your tomato plants regularly and generously, because the red balcony vegetables need a lot of water to grow.



The zucchini is another very low-maintenance resident for your vegetable patch on the balcony. It thrives particularly well in a large pot with a diameter of about 40 cm, which is either in partial shade or in the sun. Make sure that the climbing vegetable plant is supplied with sufficient nutrients and water - this way you can harvest the first zucchini in summer.

Good to know: The blossoms of the zucchini plant are also edible - try them grilled or with a delicious filling.



If you not only want to plant beautiful flowers but also fresh vegetables in your window box, you should definitely try carrots. The easy-care root vegetables can grow particularly deep into the ground there and only need a little water to grow. Planting is particularly easy with the help of a seed band in sunny and semi-shady locations.

The ripe carrots are ready to be harvested in summer. If you choose an early and a late variety when planting, you can even harvest fresh carrots twice a year.



Peppers are probably one of those vegetables that you haven’t seen that often on the balcony. Pepper plants are easy to grow in sunny locations and, with good care, bear flavorful fruit.

The easiest way is to grow pre-germinated young plants. These can be in small flower pots or in flower boxes on the balcony starting in May. Like tomatoes, pepper plants belong to the nightshade family, which require a lot of water and nutrients, so don't forget to give them regular water and fertilizer.

The harvest time begins in August - it is best to carefully separate the fresh fruit from the pepper plant with a knife.


Balcony vegetables and fresh flowers from The Plant Box

You still need a few flowery companions for your small balcony vegetable patch? Or are you looking for a quick way to add fresh greenery to your balcony? The Plant Box delivers ready-made balcony flower arrangements straight to your home - all you have to do is place them in your balcony box. This also means: No more research, no repotting, and no more tidying up! In addition to our creative flower creations, you will also find refills with edible balcony vegetables (e.g. chilies, pumpkins), fruit (e.g. strawberries), and spices in our shop: how about a Mexican chili mojito with the ingredients from the “Chill & Thrill” creation ?

Your advantages with plants from The Plant Box:

  • With just a few clicks to unique balcony planting: choose from many different flower box arrangements - also with vegetable plants and herbs
  • Variety for the whole year: New, creative refills are added to the shop every season – simply subscribe to them
  • Perfectly cared for even without planting experience: You will find everything your balcony plants need to grow optimally in your package - including instructions and fertilizer


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Are you still unsure which creation actually fits on your balcony? With a few simple questions, our wizard will do the work for you and help you with the selection; with just a few clicks you can find the right creations for south-facing balconies, shady balconies and Co.

If you want to be happy about flower mail all year round, you should, be sure to check out our Plant Lovers Club. For just 35€ a month, members receive a new, seasonal arrangement of their choice 5 times a year and regular tips about plants and balcony care. The matching balcony box made from recycled vegetable oil is included free of charge with your first delivery.



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