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Creative balcony planting with The Plant Box

Whether flowers, balcony boxes, or the right planting - before you tackle your balcony project, there are a few things you should pay attention to and a few important tips that will protect you from typical beginner mistakes. On this page we want to give you a quick overview of the topics you can find in our magazine, and how the finished balcony plantings from The Plant Box do all the work for you.


Basics for balcony planting - our magazine topics at a glance

It doesn't matter whether you're looking for the right balcony box, don't know exactly which balcony plants go together, or are looking for initial ideas for your balcony project - every beginning is difficult. With our magazine, we want to give you a comprehensive overview of important know-how on all topics related to balcony planting.


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Plants, flowers & herbs for the balcony

Whether flowering, bee-friendly, perennial, evergreen, or winter-hardy - especially if you are just starting out in your gardening hobby - the different types and "categories" of balcony plants alone can quickly be overwhelming. We want to support you and give you a little botany along the way. That's why articles on a wide variety of balcony plants await you in our magazine shortly, for which you don't need to have any prior knowledge. For example, you can find out which plants are suitable for a north-facing balcony, which flowers attract bees and other insects, and how you can add colour to your balcony in autumn and winter with the right planting.

Balcony planting – our topics:


Plant species & flowers – our topics:


Vegetables & fruit – our topics:


Balcony & flower boxes for planting

Even if the differences in balcony and flower boxes may seem a bit inconspicuous at first glance, there are also some important differences here. We want to show what you should pay attention to when it comes to aspects such as material and dimensions. In addition, we give you an overview of the “classic themes” for modern balcony boxes, brackets, and watering systems.

Balcony boxes & flower boxes - our topics:

Tips & Ideas: Planting balcony boxes correctly

Once you know which balcony plants you like and have found the right balcony box, the most important task follows: Balcony planting. Here, too, we want to give you our help and show you how to make your balcony box fit for different seasons.

Balcony planting – our topics:

Creative ready-made balcony planters from The Plant Box

Even though you will find many different ideas and tips for balcony planting in our magazine - our real goal is to completely relieve you of the work and to make the cityscape a little more colourful together with you. That's why you'll find a wide selection of creative, ready-made balcony plantings at The Plant Box, which you can easily order online and place in your balcony box or our own Plant Box in just a few simple steps. With our ready-made arrangements, you can easily make your balcony shine - without any mess or effort.

Your advantage with The Plant Box: You can easily choose the planting that you like best for every balcony and for every season. The arrangements are put together by us personally and we make every effort to offer suitable plantings for every taste in our shop - regardless of whether blossoms, insect-friendly flowers, or evergreen plants are particularly important to you.

Your advantages with balcony plantings from The Plant Box:

  • creative, pre-arranged plantings for every balcony
  • individually (refill), together with our Plant Box, or as a convenient subscription
  • different flowers and plants from regional cultivation
  • Arrangements with peat-free soil and without chemical fertilizers
  • without mess and effort: order, use - done


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We want to help you to implement your balcony project without extensive research. Let our plant creations convince you - either with a single refill or with our Plant Lover Club membership, which provides a breath of fresh air on your balcony at any time of the year with suitable plants. If you are also looking for the right balcony or flower box, we recommend our Plant Box. It is made locally near Berlin from 100% recycled vegetable oils and combines a simple, modern design with convincing technology (e.g. drainage strips).


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