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Order balcony plantings online at The Plant Box

Whether it's plant shipping, garden center orders, or online shops for selected types of flowers - you can now easily order balcony plants cheaply online from all corners of the Internet, and receive them directly at home after a few days. What has not yet been done for you: The research and decision-making as to which of the plants actually go together and actually provide a visual highlight in the finished balcony or flower box. That's why we want to show you how you can easily order creative and already arranged plantings for your balcony online from The Plant Box.

Buy creative balcony plantings online at The Plant Box

Our goal is to relieve you of the research when planting your balcony boxes and instead help to ensure that you can have flowers on your balcony in just a few simple steps - and without any mess or much effort. That's why we're no ordinary online plant mail order company: With The Plant Box, you don't order individual balcony plants or flowers; you simply order a ready-made arrangement (refill). These are wild, natural, and ready-made creations that we put together personally and are therefore optimally adapted to the conditions on different balconies (e.g. north/south balcony) or to different seasons. It doesn't matter whether flowers, bee-friendliness, or a selection of plants that is as long-lasting as possible are particularly important to you - in our shop you will find a wide selection of ready-made plantings that you only have to put in your balcony box.

Buy balcony plantings online – your advantages with The Plant Box:

  • Order creative balcony plant arrangements easily online
  • various balcony plants and flowers from regional cultivation
  • Arrangements with peat-free soil and without chemical fertilizers
  • from spring to winter: Year-round balcony planting with the Plant Lover Club membership

You can buy our balcony plant arrangements in two versions: 60 cm and 75 cm. If you don't have a suitable balcony box yet or you are after a new balcony look, you will also find our own Plant Box in our shop. During development, we made every effort to combine a simple but elegant design with compelling technology (e.g. drainage strips). Our Plant Box is made locally near Berlin from 100% recycled vegetable oils. In the shop you will also find our specially developed bracket and other accessories.


Which balcony plantings can I order from The Plant Box?
We do our best to cover as wide a field as possible with our plant creations and thus offer the right planting for every taste. In our shop, you will find a detailed description of each refill with the plants it contains, the flowering time, and important characteristics. You can also find out at a glance whether the balcony plantings you have ordered are particularly bee-friendly, and which plants are particularly suitable for which cardinal point. Depending on the conditions on your balcony and which properties are particularly important to you, you can order the following balcony plants online in our arrangements:
  • Flowering plants, perennials, grasses, and much more
  • Early bloomers & late summer bloomers
  • Kitchen herbs (e.g. basil, sage)
  • Plants with fruits (e.g. strawberries)
  • bee and insect-friendly balcony plants
  • Balcony plants for sun, shade, and partial shade


to our creations


We make sure that as many of our plants as possible are sourced locally. Since sustainability and climate protection are top priorities for us, we only use peat-free soil for the arrangements and do not use chemical fertilizers. Instead, you will receive a fermented product made from microorganisms with your order.


Buying balcony plantings by subscription – how does that work?

In order to ensure that there is always enough variety on your balcony, we also offer you our refills as a convenient subscription . This gives you five plantings spread over the year, which always fit perfectly with the respective season. Of course, you can also decide for yourself when you feel like a little fresh air, and order our refills individually at any time.


Buy balcony plantings online at The Plant Box - Delivery & Payment

We ship our balcony plant arrangements throughout Germany with DPD (incl. delivery tracking) and you will normally receive your order within 3 - 4 working days. If you are not at home on the day of delivery and your order is forwarded to a DPD depot nearby, we recommend that you pick up the plants the following day if possible. The plants are watered in such a way that they can withstand this time without any problems - but we cannot guarantee that they will still be in optimal condition after a few days. In the city of Berlin, we deliver your order directly by courier in fixed time windows. In addition to PayPal, you can also choose to pay by credit card (Mastercard, Visa & American Express) or prepayment in our online shop. We cannot yet offer you the option of ordering our balcony plants on account.


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